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Forza 7 vs GT Sport by Digital Foundry
In his latest video, John Linneman from Digital Foundry compares the graphics fidelity of Forza Motorsport 7 and Gran Turismo Sport.Read More

GT Sport Review
John Sabol and Billy Strange of ISRTV try to give us a fair view on the pros and cons of the newly released Gran Turismo Sport title for the PS4. Read More

Gran Turismo Sport Released
Sony Interactive Entertainment and Polyphony Digital have released the highly anticipated Gran Turismo Sport racing title for the PlayStation 4.Read More
20 Years of GT
Kazunori Yamauchi and Shuhei Yoshida reflect on the 20 years of Gran Turismo development. Read More
Lewis Hamilton in GT Sport
Polyphony Digital announced that 3-time Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton will be appearing in Gran Turismo Sport.Read More
GT Sport full Car and Track list
Polyphony Digital has officially revealed the full list of cars and tracks which will be represented in the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport PS4 title.Read More
Inside Gran Turismo Sport Cars
Sony Interactive Entertainment released two brand new promo videos for the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport title on the PlayStation 4.Read More
Gran Turismo Sport Demo
Sony Interactive Entertainment and Polyphony Digital have announced that they will deploy a limited-time demo for Gran Turismo Sport.Read More
GT Sport Nordschleife 24h Lap
A full Gran Turismo Sport lap at the Nürburgring Nordschleife 24H layout in the Walkenhorst BMW M6 GT3.Read More
GT Sport Reality Check Night racing
Eric Yui shared an interesting Side-by-side Reality Check video comparing the in-game Gran Turismo Sport night racing captures to actual real world footage.Read More