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Hurley Haywood in the Simcraft APEX3
Living Racing legend Hurley Haywood jumped into the seat of the Simcraft simulator and strapped on a VR headset for a few laps in the iRacing Porsche.Read More

Sparco Evolve Racing Cockpit
Sparco Gaming released more info and pictures of the soon to be released Evolve Racing cockpit. Read More

Fanatec Easter Egg
In good Easter spirit, Fanatec posted an intriguing Easter egg picture. What is it?Read More
Derek Speare Designs New Product Prototypes
Derek Speare Designs introduced some of his new idea's and sim racing product designs which are under consideration for release.Read More
SimRacingGirl Fanatec CSW 2_5
SimRacingGirl presents her review of the Fanatec Clubsport Wheelbase V2.5. Read More
CXC Simulations Promo Video
CXC Simulations published a new promotional video showcasing the high-end CXC Simulations "Motion Pro II" racing simulator in action at a commercial media event. Read More
The SIMTAG SPRL company introduces the new Hydro Sim Racing pedals.Read More
Leopoldo Ramirez - Formula Wheel Rim
Leopoldo Ramirez has been working on yet another high-quality Formula Wheel. Check out the final test.Read More
Aussistig Sim Racing Expo 2016 recap
Mark compiled a 15-minute recap video showing us 5 of the racing simulators he tested during the 2016 Sim Racing Expo.Read More
MPS-15 Paddle Shifter
Shaun Cole of The Simpit reviews the Creosim MPS-15 Paddle Shifter update for the Fanatec Formula Wheel Rims and Universal Hub.Read More