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Apex Racing UK
At the 2017 Autosport International show in Birmingham UK, RaceSpot TV's Wil Vincent took the opportunity to interview Apex Racing UK's team owner Alex Simpson.Read More

iRacing Daytona 24
The iRacing staff posted an official reply, explaining what went wrong throughout the Virtual Daytona 24 weekend.Read More

iRacing DIRT Late Model
iRacing NASCAR DWC champion Tyler D Hudson posted a new screenshot and info regarding the iRacing DIRT content development.Read More
Glenn McGee ROC
Glenn McGee has been named one of ten finalists to join James Hinchcliffe on Team ROC Factor North America. He needs our vote!Read More
iRacing Porsche
iRacing officially announced that they have reached an agreement with Porsche A.G bringing some of the prestigious German sportscars to their online racing simulator. Read More
iRacing New Patch released a hotfix for the Season 1 2017 U update.Read More
iRacing Pro Race of Champions
Tomorrow it is once more time for the annual iRacing Pro Race of Champions.Read More
ISRTV - iRacing Build 1 2017
John Sabol of Inside Sim Racing checks out the main new features and improvements in the new iRacing Season 1 - 2017 Build.Read More
iRacing build 1 2017
Today, iRacing will be deploying the new 2017 Season 1 Build for their online Racing platform. Check out the full changelog here.Read More
iRacing DIRT update
iRacing has posted a new batch of in-game DIRT Racing screenshots showing us the Dirt Late Model, Dirt Sprint Car, and Dirt Street Car in action.Read More