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iRacing Oculus Rift DK2
GamerMuscle jumped in the iRacing Skip Barber car and joined a race at the Summit Point circuit for an in-game Oculus Rift DK2 test.Read More

Sector3 GTR2 Pack

Posted On February 17, 2015By WixIn RaceRoom

RaceRoom Racing Experience GTR2 pack previews

Sector3 published a set of screenshots showcasing the cars and new liveries that will be featured in the upcoming GTR2 pack.Read More

Professional racing driver Nick Catsburg visited the Belgian Kinetic09 Simulation company to try out a few of the simulators they distribute.Read More
rFactor 2 Build 930
Image Space Incorporated released Update 30, Build 930 for rFactor 2.Read More
GSCE Empty Box
Empty Box has uploaded a review video of the latest version of Game Stock Car Extreme by Reiza Studios.Read More
F1 2015 Game

Posted On February 15, 2015By WixIn F12015

F1 2015 Game screens and info leaked

Recently the F1 Games Memes Facebook page leaked a couple of preview shots of Codemasters’ F1 2015 game title.Read More
rFactor 2 Nordschleife

Posted On February 15, 2015By WixIn Rfactor

rFactor 2 Nordschleife v2.01 Released

DJC & Tosch released version V2.01 of their rFactor 2 Nordschleife 24h, VLN and summer and autumn Tourist Layouts.Read More
R3E Cadillac CTS-V
Sector3 staff member Georg Ortner aka 6e66o posted a video showing us a RaceRoom Racing Experience GTR2 race at the Mid Ohio track.Read More

Posted On February 14, 2015By WixIn News

Why do racing simulators suck so much? (MockRacer)

MockRacer published a rather interesting and controversial article regarding consumer grade simulators.Read More
International Formula Masters 2009
The CTDP modding team released update V1.1 for their International Formula Masters 2009 series for Assetto Corsa.Read More
GTultimate V2 Next Level Racing Simulator Cockpit
Darin Gangi of Inside Sim Racing takes a look at the Next Level GTultimate V2 Sim Racing Chassis.Read More
Porsche 911 GTA
The International Endurance Racing Modding Group posted a set of screenshots showing us te progress of their Porsche 911 GTA model for Assetto Corsa.Read More
Project CARS Ed3DFX

Posted On February 13, 2015By WixIn Project CARS

Project Cars B-Roll Trailer by Ed3DFX

In this trailer Ed3DFX showcases a diversity of car types and circuits featured in the upcoming Project Cars game.Read More