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Inside Sim Racing rFactor 2 review
Darin Gangi and Jason Dunnington of Inside Sim Racing share their In-Depth Look at rFactor 2 Build 660.Read More

Playstation 4 Project CARS
On the PlayStation blog, Slightly Mad Studios Creative Director, Andy Tudor posted a selection of in-game previews showing us the first screens of the Playstation 4 Project CARS version.Read More

Project CARS Ariel Atom
It was a while since Gamer Muscle had a look at some of the vehicles in Slightly Mad Studios "Project CARS". In his own recognizable and creative way, he reviews the latest build of the Ariel Atom.Read More
GranTurismo 6 Ayrton Senna
During the month of May, Polyphony Digital will be launching a new Senna Tribute website in memory of Ayrton Senna. To start of, director Tamir Moscovici created a short film called “Ayrton’s Wish”. Secondly, This month Polyphony Digital will make new Ayrton Senna Gran Turismo 6 content available in Gran Turismo 6.Read More
Raceroom Racing Experience Multiplayer
In the latest SimBin dev blog, the development teams explains that they are preparing for the DTM Experience and RaceRoom Racing Experience Multiplayer Alpha patch, and provide us with some basic information on what the MP Alpha will include.Read More
kart sim

Posted On May 1, 2014By WixIn Kart Sim

Kart Sim officially Steam Greenlit.

Today Zach Griffin is happy to announce that Kart Sim is now now officially 'Greenlit'. Zach reports that he is hard at work at the moment to make the Kart Sim Early Access version available on Steam as soon as possible, and that he will keep us informed with a more detailed update in the next few days. Read More
Sim Pedals Pro
Niels Heusinkveld announced that the popular Sim Pedals Pro are back in stock and up for order. Niels added a number of changes to the design of the Sim Pedals Pro units in order to enhance the usability of the set.Read More
BMW Sauber F1 2009 steering wheel
Article removed by request!Read More
Driveclub trailer

Posted On April 29, 2014By WixIn Driveclub

DRIVECLUB Release Date Trailer

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and developer Evolution Studios announced that the long awaited, and long delayed DRIVECLUB game for the PlayStation 4 will be released in October 2014. To support this press release, developer Evolution Studios published a Driveclub release date trailer.Read More
Sim Racing Review Fanatec ClubSport Shifter
It has been a while since Doug Meyer of Sim Racing Review posted a new video, but now he is back. This time Doug takes a look at the new Fanatec ClubSport Shifter.Read More
Video review of the 2014 SuperCar Challenge at the Dutch Circuit Park Zandvoort. The popular series formerly known as the Dutch Supercar Challenge has both GT and Touring cars at its starting grid. This is the official video report of the SuperGT, GT en GTB classesRead More
Project CARS Laguna Seca
It has been a while since we last posted a comparison video showing the realistic look of the Slightly Mad Studios Project CARS game. AdrianF1esp edited a comparison video showing us the Project CARS version of the BMW M3 GTS GT4 at the American Laguna Seca circuit side by side with its real life counterpart.  Read More