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The Simpit Shaun Cole
At this time no details are made public, but it looks like Shaun Cole will start his own Sim Racing Related Show, or Website.Read More

Razer Carcharia Headset inside Sim Racing
Darin Gangi and Jason Dunnington of Inside Sim Racing are reviewing the Razer Carcharia Headset.Read More

DRM 30 Zakspeed Ford Escort MK2

Posted On April 25, 2014By WixIn News

DRM 3.0 Zakspeed Ford Escort Mk2 sneak peek

The DRM revival 3.0 mod by the DRM modding team is put on hold, and will probably not be published anytime soon, and if so it will not be for rFactor or rFactor2. However, this does not mean the DRM modding team stopped working on the mod. Have a look at the first Zakspeed Ford Escort Mk2 shots.Read More
Assetto Corsa Multiplayer
Kunos Simulazion announced that the long awaited Assetto Corsa multiplayer will be released on Friday May 2. Under normal circumstances, the next update was scheduled for tomorrow, but is now delayed till next week.Read More
iRacing GT Challenge

Posted On April 23, 2014By WixIn iRacing

iRacing GT Challenge at its best

The iRacing GT Challenge has already proved to be one of the most popular multicar series in the worlds biggest online racing service. Up and till now the RUF track GT and the McLaren MP4-12C where the main competitors in the official GT Series. Now the BMW z4 GT3 is added.Read More
Project CARS official trailer
Slightly Mad Studios released a new and now official video trailer of their upcoming title "Project CARS". This trailer called "The Ultimate Drivers Journey" , showcases the graphical splendor of the Slightly Mad Studios Madness game engine.Read More
Grid Autosport
Following the Grid teaser video released earlier this week, Codemasters just announced Grid Autosport and it becomes clear that with this release Codies are going back to the roots of the Grid game.Read More
iRacing 2014 Build Season 2

Posted On April 22, 2014By WixIn iRacing

iRacing 2014 Season 2 build release notes released the new 2014 Season 2 build of their online racing platform. As it was already reported, the Toyota Camry Nascar, BMW Z4 GT3, Circuit of Americas (COTA) and Lucas Oil Raceway are now up for purchase.  Read More
Assetto McLaren P1
Kunos Simulazioni's Licencensing manager Marco Massarutto could not resist to show us a preview of the McLaren P1 model that at some point will appear in the Assetto Corsa simulator.Read More
iRacing Toyota Camry

Posted On April 22, 2014By WixIn iRacing

iRacing Toyota Camry on track

The staff posted a render and a set of screenshots showing us the Toyota Camry Nascar on track. The iRacing Toyota Camry will be released tomorrow, together with the BMW Z4 GT3 and the Circuit of Americas (COTA) track.Read More
Project CARS Community Gallery

Posted On April 21, 2014By WixIn Project CARS

Project CARS Community Gallery…

Slightly Mad Studios used to publish in-game screenshot gallery's made by various creative members of the Project CARS community. For some reason Slightly Mad stopped publishing the Project CARS community Gallery screenshots in January of this year.  Read More
rFactor 2 Quad
A lot of ISI fans have been requesting Dirt tracks and Dirt vehicles for rFactor 2. The Image Space Incorporated development team decided to give it a little go and see if it was possible within the current game engine.Resulting in a Quad vehicle and Dirt layout.Read More