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Following the release of the awesome Troyton Raceway recently, SimRaceway is pleased to announce some more exciting additions to our track line-up, all of which can be enjoyed free-of-charge. It’s time to meet their new circuits! You can familiarize yourself with all these awesome tracks completely free-of-charge in Practice Mode or, if you fancy something a little stronger, stay tuned for all-new Events launching on them in the near future. Read More
The crew at SimRacing Hardware [SRH] is working on some new Fanatec goodies! They revealed a first shot of the soon to be released wheel adapter for the Fanatec GT2 / 3 and CSR Wheels. The Adapter will make it possible to mount aftermarket racing wheels to your favourite Sim Racing Wheel. Read More
DreamRacing track events wanted to show you how close the simulators they use ( iRacing) is to "the real thing".. The track is laser scanned and it's the exact reproduction of the 1.1 mile infield course of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, that you will master during the Dream Racing Experience™. Before the real driving session you will be put in their iRacing simulator for a training session that will help you to familiarize with the controls and learn the track. Read More
In this episode we take a look behind the scenes of motorsports. This time the 24 Hours of Le MansWhile the 80th edition of this famous endurance race is only just finished, we watch Mick Whiting, the winner of the Dunlop design contest. He has made the design for the JMW Ferrari 458 GT2 at Le Mans and may it all up close. We will also visit OAK Racing, which has several times the podium in the LMP2 class managed to achieve. And finally the highlights of last year! Read More
iRacingTV is back with another episode to bring you up to speed on all things iRacing! This episode features an update from iRacing president, Tony Gardner on recent developments and future projects. Read More
Stabiz has been testing the Cadillac CTS-V for the TFR race on tuesday. Enjoy this Video showing the GT in all its Slo Mo glory. The music is "The Narcotic Suite" (Claustrophobic sting) by The Prodigy. Read More
Project CARS Beta Build 0234 - Lotus 49 - Detail-Cam with working Suspension, Driveshaft, Anti-Roll-Bar. Video by markusmatthias - Watch in HD! Read More
EnduRacers just added some new images to their Porsche GT3 Cup Series mod development gallery. They are featuring screenshots of various championships, some during night racing and in cockpit view. The mod is progressing nicely, graphics are done and they are f inetuning the car physics. Read More
Sticking to their summer release promise Turn 10 has now announced that the 2013 SRT Viper will be available on June 22nd. This bringing both a drivable version of the car and also a unique Autovista experience all for free. Read More
Another edition of the 24 hours of Le Mans has ended. It has been a great race this year. However, for some teams the Le Mans 24 has ended somewhat different then intended. Here is a small compilation of the most noticeable wrong goings. Read More