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Real World Racing – Braking 101 – Which Foot?


Right foot or left foot for the brake? Andrea Piccini (on the left) uses his right foot most of the time, but does use his left foot occasionally.

Yelmer Buurman (on the right) uses his left foot all of the time. Confused yet?


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  • jsTrecu

    It’s a very interesting subject, and many sim racers (I include myself) don’t use their feet properly.

    Personally, with secuential and paddles where the clutch isn’t needed I just use the left foot to brake. But with a H pattern, I brake with the right foot while downshifting (heel & toe), and then switch the right foot to the throttle and the left from clutch to brake so I can make corrections during the corner and corner exit.

    The thing is, most sims reward using brake and throttle pedals at the same time to maintain stability in corner entry and recover from spinning, but I’m not sure that’s very realistic. I remember there was some heated debate about this in the iRacing forum.

  • Gone Broke Racing

    I’m a right footed braker 95% of the time. There are cars such as the V8 Supercars in Iracing (Ford Falcon) that definitely rewards left footed braking. Because of this, I have a heck of time stabilizing the car on corner exit, thus can’t get into the throttle as quickly as a left footed braker. However, the same car in rFactor’s V8Factor mod doesn’t require this as much.
    Which one is more realistic d dog new tricks I guess.

    Which is more realistic I don’t know since I’ve never drove one in real life. Would be great to get the perspective from a racing driver who has.

  • steve30x

    I left footr brake all the time but I am sure if I drove a real car I would break that habbit after a short while.

  • Mitos

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