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rFactor – VHR 2013 Edition mod Released.


CorvetteDave released the VHR 2013 Edition mod for rFactor.

VHR 1.0 offers improved tire physics. With updated tracks, updated paint schemes, better sounds, better fine tuned physics, new tire and engine models. Along with the updates are also the introduction of the new Sprint Cup models and the Camaro to the Nationwide series and a few new tracks such as Eldora and Mid Ohio. Allot of time has gone in to models to make them as accurate as possible, right down to the spoilers for each track type. Head out and enjoy VHR 2013today.

  • Updated Sprint Cup rear camber settings to 2013 Nascar rules.
  • Updated VHR’s damage files to get rid of the hard bumping feeling when someone hits you from behind and damage calculation.
  • Cleaned / Updated out the old rule package in rfm‘s to remove bogus penalties that used to be there the past versions.
  • New SS drafting package, testing proved that pack racing is back for 2013.
  • Updated sound package – engine / track ambients.
  • Added new tracks – Mid Ohio Sports Car Course and Eldora Speedway
  • 2013 Sprint Cup model updates along with a fully updated paint skins.


Get playing today, the installer has 2 options – rfactor and stand alone.(Stand Alone Version is recommended for best performance)
VHR-2013 – Version 1.0 – Download | Download | Download (zipped installer) | Server Files – Download
2013 Add-ons  
VHR Legend Cars ModDownload – Player InstallDownload – Server Files
VHR Winston Cup ModDownload – Player InstallDownload – Server Files
VHR IROC ModDownload – Player InstallDownload – Server Files 
Base Setup Package
Base setup package will help you get up to speed on the track for the 2013 season.
No Virtual Tach
If you drive cockpit view and you want to get rid of the virtual tach, download and extract these 2 files into your vehicles folder.
2013 Template Package  
(UPDATED: January 28 – Finial Package) – Comes with all of the templates for Cup, Nws, Cws, Aero, Iroc, Rim template. 


For more indo, and forums, go to



  • noroardanto

    Is there any torrent link for this?

  • rino demeulemeester

    Just ran a few laps all in default setting. Feels good right from the start. Looks and sounds awsome.
    Not much experiance on ovals, but hope to find some servers when I have some spare time.
    Any known leagues that will be running this mod? The sh*#load of tracks that are included are very nice.

  • Sébastien

    yes please add a torrent link, I had to dust off flashget to get the files…

  • Fabio Pittol

    Yep! I better way for the torrent ’cause the http download is coming at incredible 50Kb/s!

  • F1Racer

    On their website there is a 1.1 update too.

  • meme

    how do you expect me to race this without my tweeeeeeccccccccccckkkkkkkk

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