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Woochoo posted a Video of the first rFactor2 conversion version of the Longford 1967 circuit doing a lap in ISI's Brabham BT20.The circuit is fairly similar to the final rFactor1 version, though there are some improvements, as well as the implementation of some new rFactor2 features.Read More

Emty Box takes a look at his new favourite combo in rFactor. The newly released Endurans Series Flat6 by Enduracers, that is coincidently not a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup.He runs the new car on his favourite track, Bathust ( Mount Panorama).Read More

AdianF1esp posted a new video comparing the Malaysian Sepang International Circuit onboard the rFactor 2 Beta and real life footage.In the video it becomes clear that the ISI track is nearly identical to the original.Read More

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rFactor – Virtual Formula 1 history Video.

Formula 1 racing in rFactor. Something most sim racers have done many times, with a wide selection of mods that represented the queen of all racing series in the virtual world.Now Vermulen3 has created an impressive video compilation, showing us a the Formula 1 mods that have been used in the previous version of the popular Image Space incorporated rFactor 1.Read More
EnduRacers Modding Team is proudly releasing the SP2.1 PATCH dedicated to the Endurance Series mod for rFactor.The package includes an overall improvement of the physics of all the cars included in the mod, in particular in tyres behaviour.Read More
Enduracers Modding Team announced a list of provisional features that will be in the Endurance Series SP2.1 PATCH for rFactor.Read More
While browsing the Image Space Incorporated rFactor 2 forum an interesting discussion caught my eye.rFactor 2 forum member maniac618 posted some interesting news.Read More
While browsing the ISI rFactor 2 screenshots thread on the rF2 forum, I came across an interesting set of screenshots.Modder Some1 posted a few screenshots showing his 1993 Honda NSX model in rFactor 2.Read More
Mak-Corp posted a set of new WIP screenshots of the Porsche 962C model which will be featured in their Classic Cars mod.On their new team blog section they are talking about their modding progress in general, as well as showing some previews from one of the Porsche 962C versions of the 1991 Group C mod which is featured in the Classic Cars mod for rFactor and rFactor 2.Read More
DigiProst added another video to his extensive track compare list.This time a comparison between iRacing, rFactor2 and real life footage of a lap at Lime Rock driving the Skip Barber training car.Read More
Pierre-André Leclair has released V0.80of his conversion of the legendary " Green Hell".The source for this conversion is the Com8 and friends creation done for rFactor 1.Read More
CorvetteDave uploaded a video showing us a sound and super speedway test for the 1.5 update of the VHR Stockcar for rFactor that is coming later this summer.Read More
After the German Modding Team attempt at a conversion of the Nordschleife has been stopped because of copyright and license issues, there seems to be another project in the works.Pierre-André Leclair is working on his own conversion of the legendary " Green Hell". The source for this conversion project seems to be the Com8 and friends creation.Read More