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Macci Design started work on updated versions of the Tsukuba and Spa-Franchorchamps tracks for rFactor.Read More

Image Space Incorporated released version V1.41 of the Williams JPH1B FIA F2 .This is a component release.Read More

CorvetteDave announced the next update for VHR Stockcar coming July 20th.Read More
A new episode in the DigiProst " Circuits Of The World " Series. This time the famous Nordschleife.Digiprost used the rFactor version of the German "green hell" for this track review.Read More

Posted On July 3, 2013By WixIn Rfactor

rFactor – Champions Motell released!

KittX released the Champions Motell track for rFactor. Build as a fantasy track,that has a high fun factor and very atmospheric scenery.Read More
Image Space Incorporated rFactor 2 is slowly but surely getting there.Markus Matthias had a race in the Renault Clio Cup car on the newly released Silverstone track, and from the looks of it, really enjoyed it.Read More

Posted On June 29, 2013By WixIn Rfactor

rFactor 2 – Silverstone tripple screen.

VideoUser3053 has recorded a video of the newly-released Silverstone track for rFactor 2 Build 240.Utilizing a mounted head cam he shows us a race with 21 AI controlled GT1 GT-R Nissan cars.Read More

Posted On June 29, 2013By WixIn Rfactor

rFactor 2 – Silverstone Reality Check.

AdrianF1ESP posted a comparison video of the Silverstone circuit that Image Space Incorporated has released for their rFactor 2 title.This an onboard lap on both the real and virtual version of the track..Read More
The Virtua_LM Junior modding Team, who are working on the Prototype C mod for rFactor, that now apparently is renamed to GTPC, released a new set of preview screenshots showing various cars in action on the Le Mans track.Read More
Image Space Incorporated released rFactor 2 Build 240 and the Silverstone track.Read More
Image Space Incorporated released version 1.42 of the Corvette C6R. This is a component release.Read More
Skip Barber Formula 2000 v1.46 component has been released.This is a first release for this car in component form.Read More
After today's V1.43 update of the rFactor 2 Lime Rock Park version, Bsnismo has another go in the Corvette C6R GT2 .Read More