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Pierre-André Leclair has released V0.80of his conversion of the legendary " Green Hell".The source for this conversion is the Com8 and friends creation done for rFactor 1.Read More

CorvetteDave uploaded a video showing us a sound and super speedway test for the 1.5 update of the VHR Stockcar for rFactor that is coming later this summer.Read More

After the German Modding Team attempt at a conversion of the Nordschleife has been stopped because of copyright and license issues, there seems to be another project in the works.Pierre-André Leclair is working on his own conversion of the legendary " Green Hell". The source for this conversion project seems to be the Com8 and friends creation.Read More
Wojciech Gurycz started work on a Ferrari 156 F1 model project for rFactor 2.He posted a first set of previews for us to admire.Read More
Image Space Incorporated released version V1.2 of the Chevrolet Camaro GT3 .The car was announced back in January of this year, and now joins the rest of the GT pack.Read More
Xfactor released the Australian V8 ute's conversion for rF2.The mod that was originaly made for rFactor 1 , has been converted with full permission.Read More

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rFactor – DRM Revival 3.0 previews.

The DRM Modding Team is working on V3.0 of the DMR Revival mod that is a representation of the Deutsche Rennsport Meistershaft from the 70s and 80s.Today they posted a new batch of ingame previews.Read More
UPDATE! Video added.The German Modding Team posted an interesting heads up, this afternoon.Apparantly their partner, Andiis Gaming Channel who you might know as knoppers942 will post a first ingame test video of the WIP Nordschleife for rFactor 2.Read More
Ales Ogrinc converted the German Modding Team CLK-GTR that was released for GTR2.Aleksss from German Modding Team will continue to work on the model.Read More
Image Space Incorporated announced that new contend will be added to the already existing historic section of their simulator. Together with that announcement, ISI is putting up some nice prices for those who want to have a go at creating some liveries for the cars.Read More
Codemasters had allready announced F1 2013 would be available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC later this autumn.Two versions of the game will be available. - The standard F1 2013 and the F1 2013 Classic Edition.Read More
ADRIANF1esp does a lap in the Lola T280 at the rFactor 2 Monaco Historic track.Read More
rFactor 2 will soon be adding Autodromo “Franco di Suni” Mores as additional free content to those who own the product. Having recently released Silverstone Circuit, some of the team at ISI are finishing up Mores, while others have begun work on Indianapolis Motor Speedway.Read More