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Caffeinesixx took part in the 2012 iRacing world tour 120 minutes of Sebring with the LMP2. He uses a tripple screen custom Race Rig and to let us all have a look he created a rather intersting Video. Quote: My 2012 120 Minutes of Sebring onboard cam. For the first time in my iRacing world tour event, I ran without big mistake to the end. Read More

After last years Nascar The Game 2011, there is a successor planned. Nascar The Game 2012. No release date has been known yet, but Activision, Eutechnyx’s publisher will soon announce that. Here and there, screenshots and video´s start to emerge. Lets have a look at some of this material. Read More

With the addition of the Azure Coast and the California Highway tracks, a whole new form of racing comes to Project CARS. These tracks are two scenic, 20km long point-to-point country stretches. They are perfect for a race against the clock, but could also provide heaps of fun when SMS will introduce the online netcode. Read More
LM-55-MOD by Don PanoZ Three cars are included. Jaguar D-Type from 1955 and 1957, Aston Martin DBR1 from 1957 to 1959 and Ferrari 250 Testarossa model 1958. First coming out of the D-Types was 1954, one car reached second place in Le Mans. After that, D-Types where successful there in 1955, 1956 and 1957. Then, with new rules that limts the engines to 3 litres, success was over and the Ferrari tooks the place in first row, followed by the Aston Martin as a serious competitor. Read More
After winning the Sebring 12hrs, Audi stayed over to conduct tests of their new 2012 R18 e-tron quattro and ultra Le Mans racecars. Leo Parente and /DRIVE were invited to observe and talk with the team. Watch the e-tron in action, listen to the thoughts of Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich [Head of Audi Sport], Ulrich Baretsky [Head of Engine Development] and Allan McNish [one of the 2012 Sebring winning Audi racers]. And more. Read More
Radiator Springs Racing Team proudly presents the first add-on car for netKar PRO, namely the Lamborghini Gallardo. Valentino Balboni. We tried our best to have a car that is as close as possible to the real one. Quote: We spent a lot of time looking for real data, modeling the car physics with care, and testing the car with people that drive it on track in real life. Read More
In this video you can see three different Mercedes SLS GT3 cars on the Monza track,filmed by Bozzy during one the testing days. You can hear the beautiful and loud sound of this V8 engine with some full throttle accelerations, fast fly bys & more... Read More
SMS Quote: The last public builds of Slightly Mad Studios’ Project CARS title have added plenty of new content to the simulation, giving our talented community members lots to be creative with. As usual, our screenshot makers deliver in a stunning fashion as you can see below in our newest Community Gallery. Among other stuff, the 48 screenshots show off the brand new country road tracks California Highway & Azure Coast as well as the new Palmer Jaguar JP-LM. Of course, there’s plenty of other cool things to see, including stunningRead More
Leping008 was at the Honda grand Prix of St. Petersburg and noticed an iRacing setup running. He had never seen the car and when he asked the guys working the booth they said it was the CTS-V. He pulled out a phone and took a quick video. Read More
After looking at different pricing models inhouse and externally SimRaceway has decided how to create their price tags.Allot has been said, and numerous discussions have been held about the pricing of the SimRaceway vehicles. SimRaceway decided to explain the theory behind the price setting on their blog page. Read More
The J.A.S. Motorsport 2012 mclaren mp4-12C GT3 is the only Asian racing team tuning Mclaren GT3 this year. The top Japanese Driver Akria Iida , together with 2011 Asian touring car champion Jun-San Chen from AAI Motor Sports and Morris Chen will be three main drivers to join 2012 Blancpain GT series championship! Read More
Regular video submitter and iRacing member StabiZ realised a pole lap around Sebring in the latest 120 minutes of Sebring Race hosted on the iRacing platform. StabiZ Quote :I was surprised to get the pole position with this lap, but I`ll take it! My first pole for one of the big races, so that was cool. The race itself did not go so well, damaged the car on a cerb in the second stint (never got that fixed) and lost connection with 8 minutes left while battling for 2nd. Read More