Monthly Archives: "March 2012"

This build introduces California Highway & Azure Coast, two point-to-point country tracks located in a stunningly beautiful setting. If you need a break from circuit racing, these tracks offer the perfect opportunity for a scenic drive.Read More

Team VVV is testing the F1 Car in Project CARS. Project Cars Formula A is coming along nicely. This video is from an earlier build somwhere around 164 and just before the new tracks were added. Read More

How do you use 48 911 GT3 Cup cars to write the name "Porsche" on the finishing straight of Estoril? Watch how the GT3 Cup Challenge Brasil answered this question in this video. Read More
Produced in collaboration with—and manufactured by—the Yamaha Motor Corporation, the launch of the limited-production, race-bred Toyota 2000GT in 1967 marked a watershed in the automotive industry’s perception of Japanese-made cars, proving that worthy rivals to the likes of the Porsche 911 could emerge from outside Europe.Read More
With the past two weekly development builds of Project CARS, Slightly Mad Studios have added no less than ten new tracks to their WMD-powered title. There’s no slowing this week as Build 179 build introduces a brand new type of tracks to Project CARS.Read More
The Assetto Corsa Team released a few more unedited screenshots of the P4-5 Competizione on track.  Read More