Monthly Archives: "June 2012"

CodeMasters revealed some more preview shots of their upcoming F1 2012 Game. Despite its rather stunning appearance the game is still a work in progress and due out in September of 2012. Read More

Designed from the beginning to be placed under your monitor/s, the 'Monsta' is a new concept in simulation displays. At last you can now have all the sim telemetry you need in a place you can see it, using you peripheral vision..... You don't have to take your eyes off the track any more! Read More

The legendary Spa-Francorchamps circuit hosted the 2nd annual Spa Classic during the weekend of May 25-27, 2012. This epic historic event was organized by the well-known Peter Auto organization from France. Read More
Slightly Mad Studios are announcing an exciting new addition to their WMD-powered Project CARS title as the Formula Gulf 1000 series and the Powerbuilt Raceway at Ruapuna Park are coming to the simulation. Thanks to the efforts of WMD member Andy Marshall and a partnership with Gulf Sport, Project CARS will be the first ever simulation to feature the Formula Gulf 1000, the world’s lowest cost, one-make, single seater series that gives promising drivers a path into the world of Formula Racing. Read More
SMS Quote: The busy WMD members have once again created plenty of jaw-dropping Project CARS screenshots that deserve to be shared with the whole world! The 45 shots show plenty of on track action with the cars and tracks already available to drive in the current development builds of Project CARS. Included are plenty of breathtaking close-up shots that show the unmatched amount of details our car designers manage to pack into each of the car models. Read More
RFT is showcasing the first screenshots of the Force India Formula 1 car that will be featured in the upcoming F1RFT 2012 mod for rFactor. You can enjoy both Renders and ingame shots of this beauty. Read More
DigiProst created a new video using the Lotus 49 in the latest build 239 of Project CARS by Slightly Mad Studios. Read More
This time we take a look behind the scenes at the Supercar Challenge. We all know that special ties to the race cars down. But what is really involved in order to achieve maximum grip. We also see how important concentration and condition, and what happens if you do not pay attention. These are often hard crashes and we discover what the consequences are here. Is it raceweeekend than past or the whole season? Read More
Project CARS is a game developed by Slightly Mad Studio (creator of Shift series and GTR). Based on realistic physics, outstanding graphics, incredible 3D core engine and smart AIs. As this project is on initial stage of development, all seen footage is pre-alpha. Read More
It has been a while since we have posted some previews of the WSGT2 mod project., so here we go for a little update. Time has been a factor within the team the last few months, but that does not mean there is no progress. Read More
Marchettino has filmed a Ferrari 599XX EVO being pushed around Fiorano racetrack. Turn up the speakers and listen to the loud accelerations and downshifts! This is probably the EVO that has been sold tin the charity auction for the victims of the earthquake in Emilia. Read More
Markus Matthias produced a new video lining up the car list from the alpha build 0239. A very nice way to compare the models and sounds at this stage of the development. Read More