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SimBin Quote: Time to stop the teasing… well for this particular subject at least and finally tell you guys what some of you already have guessed after seeing the other images. When we started this project we decided that we should try and get certain tracks in the game, tracks we love to see racing on, known or unknown, modern or classic, circuits we have never done before, and we would really like to do. Read More

Getting a job in F1 is a big dream for many people who are passionate about technology. The apprentice and graduate schemes at Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains in Brixworth, where the Formula One engines and hybrid systems are designed and developed, offer opportunities for talented young people to earn a place in the industry - and add practical experience to their theoretical learning. Read More

A quick demo of bump drafting whilst playing on-line on Dega between Richard Towler and James Mc. from NASCAR The Game: Inside Line. Read More
SMS Quote: After the exciting news of BMW joining Project CARS, it’s time to get back to the everyday beauty of the WMD-powered title. Our talented members are as busy as always, creating stunning screenshots of the latest development builds you don’t want to miss out on! Read More
This is number seven in the DigiProst " Circuits Of The World " Series. Montmelo. Digiprost used the Project CARS track location as a source for this track review. Read More
When G25/G27 owners see the wealth of high priced steering wheels on the market , they usually envy the owners of such wheels for having more buttons, and in allot of cases a Led bar rev counter. Let’s face it, apart from the functional side of these additions, there is also the fun and show factor, that tickles the imagination. The solution to overcome this shortcoming on a standard wheel is the third-party wheel plate. Read More
The legendary Hockenheimring has launched in Auto Club Revolution. Enjoy a few laps on it. Read More
Another hardware review, this time its the Earl RS wheel stand, but rather than just a 3 minute round-up Alan Boiston thought he include some of the testing footage shoing how he came to his conclusions. Read More
FIA WTCC explanation of braking and brakes, qualifying Curitiba Brazil 2012 - Tom Coronel ROAL Motorsport BMW 320TC. Read More presents our review of the GTEYE Brake Spring mod for the Logitech G27. Shaun Cole starts off with a very detailed how to on installing this mod into the brake of the G27 pedals. Then he discusses how they work in game compared to the stock spring of the Logitech pedals. Read More
DigiProst created a 240 times accelerated video montage of the dynamic clouds effect in Project CARS. Read More
This system has been designed by John Zapata (JZfilms), He has worked nearly two years on thr project, and the design has undergone several improvements over time. Testing the prototype took about a year, and currently it works without a single problem. Read More