Monthly Archives: "October 2012"

The wait is over! GTL Workshop is proud to give you more than 370 cars with almost 200 different physics and more than 120 different tyre files... GTL Workshop is proud to give you Power&Glory V3 Read More

Full broadcast recap of the 2012 ALMS Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta. A grueling ten hour endurance race that brings teams from all over the globe to battle it out on the asphalt of Road Atlanta in Braselton, GA. Read More

I have no further details on this one, but i guess the 1975 Nordschleife layout and a rF2 Megane Trophy on it, might be worth while looking at for some of us. Read More
Originally revamped by The Lonely and textured by SLN for rFactor 1, the Montreal 2008 track has now been converted to rFactor 2 by Coutie. Read More
In this video Bozzy filmed a very loud Porsche 997 GT3 Cup mk2 (Mobil 1 Supercup exhausts), and 996 GT3 RSR with Tubi Style, Top top this he has added a 997 GT3 RSR mk1 and a 997 GT3 Cup mk1 (with modified exhausts) Read More
DigiProst created a new video in his "comparative Series" This time iRacing and Project CARS go head to head for the Laguna Seca title. Read More
Pablo Lopez's video Highlights of Heat 2 after a fail on Heat 1. He ran out of fuel going in 9th position. Started 23th and finished 5th after a real carnage at the start. Onboard with GoPro Hero 2, a SteelSeries Siberia Neckband. Read More
AdrianF1esp has been testing the Project CARS by Slightly Mad Studios build 333 using the BMW Z4 GT3 2012 @ Lakeville (preAlpha and the Lotus 78 @ Eifelware GPv also Build 333 He is using the Ultra Graphics Settings of the D(X11 version. Read More
Enjoy the brand new Project CARS Trailer created by aleksss (Alex R.) Aleksss used pre alpha build 333 of the Slightly Mad Studios Pcars WIP. composer: Erik Ekholm - Dark Energy Read More
Short video featuring some of the best slow mo shots from this month. Mattzel89 is trying something new here, but does not know if this will continue NOTE. This is not meant to be a fifth edition of the Racing In Slow Motion series. VIDEOS AND MUSIC BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS Read More