Monthly Archives: "December 2012"

We all now the Radicals are not really narrow minded when talking Sim Racing. When recording video however ... Rob Cuss and Blake Townsend recorded a little inhouse Radicals video testing the customised T500RS Wheel. Its a review Jim... but not as we know it... Read More

DigiProst created a line up video of all the cars in Slightly Mad Studios Project CARS to date. Another year is almost over, and PCars is coming along nicely. Read More

Ever since 2005 RSRBR has been the modding project based on the Richard Burns Rally game. Today the latest version of the mod has been released. Check out RS RBR 2013 Read More presents our review of NASCAR The Game Inside Line, aka NASCAR 2012 by Eutechnyx. We take a very detailed look at this "simcade" racing title. We break it down category by category and talk about physics, graphics, sounds and more before giving it a score in the "Rev" scale. During testing we used both the Xbox 360 version and the PS3 and talk about the differences between them. Read More
Check out our latest collaboration with, the Road Racing Drivers Club and In this segment more pro drivers discuss how they use iRacing to help them learn racetracks and go faster! Read More
A while ago Team 21 decided to create some competition for the Boss Mustang and Mercury Cougar. As far as he body is concerned, most work is done, and Team 21 is now concentrating on the cockpit of the American Muscle car. Read More presents The inRacing News Challenge race from Thursday Night. This was the top split in that series as Shaun takes them on in his new RSeat Formula Racing rig. He is also using a Thrustmaster T500 with the Ferrari Wheel add on. It is a pretty competitive race that turns ugly for Shaun Read More
Back in 2011 the creators of the RBR ONLINE utility announced a scratch build new Rally Sim. It has been very quiet since then, but the last few weeks, twitter messages started to appear, together with what is believed to be a first in-game screenshot of GRally showing the Fiat 131 Abarth in action. Read More
Sim Racing Hardware [SRH] revealed more preview pictures of the soon to be released add-on Dashboard for the Fanatec Club Sport Wheel base. please note that this prototype might have slight adjustments applied before becoming a production version. Read More
The McLaren MP4-12C will be added to the iRacing service on December 18th. Enjoy this preview! Video of the British GT on the track. Read More
A new update preview in the " the making of the Van Herck Mazda-3 20B " As Arnold progresses on the base model,more and more details will be revealed from now on. Read More presents the recap of the Black Ice 200 race on iRacing. It was 200 laps of mayhem in the K&N Pro Series cars at "The Rock."With over 300 drivers taking part in the race there was a lot on the line for the event. Read More