Monthly Archives: "January 2013"

Image Space Incorporated posted a screenshot on their Facebook page showing a Chevrolet Camaro GT that is supposed to be one of the upcoming releases on their Sim Platform. Read More

Arnold is known to be a very passionate modeler, and pretty fast when it comes to quality and accuracy. So as promised, once again he delivers a stunning model of the Van Herck Racing Mazda 20B . Read More

A Beginner's Guide to Introduce You to Simraceway! In this video you will see how to join and start racing and how to get cars from Simraceway Join on and install the game Read More
The Motion Simulation TL1 simulator incorporates the world first 180 degree, portable screen and variable driving position cockpit. The unique seating position can be rotated to go from Touring and GT car positions to Apache or Formula 1 car. Visually running up to 7 million pixels, software options are only limited by your imagination. Full professional flight, racing car and car driver training solutions available. Read More
To quote BSNismo, Manual clutch and H-Shifter, good fun. Just found this classic LFS track is available for NKP today. Used to love this track. Pretty decent conversion. Not meant to be fast, just messing around getting used to NKP again. God i love this car! Read More
Promo video of the upcoming F1SR DTM league races. To Join sign up at Read More
Another day, another license! Today SimBin Studios is pleased to announce a new partnership deal as Alpina Automobiles joins RaceRoom Racing Experience! R3e will include the amazing, 2011 ADAC Championship winning, Alpina B6 GT3. Read More
All content belongs to Formula One Management(FOM). The official F1 2012 season highlights by FOM. These highlights were shown at the FIA's 2012 Prize Giving gala. Read More
feels3 has released a new preview video of his Poznan Circuit for rFactor 2. He states that trees, and trackside objects are still in heavy development, and the track and background textures are place holders at this time. Read More
Simbin lannounced the licence deal with BMW a while ago. The BMW 320 Turbo Gr 5 was the first Bavarian creation shown. Now the second car has been revealed. RaceRoom Racing Experience will welcome the BMW 635 CSi. Read More
Sim Racing Hardware [SRH] posted info regarding the shipment of their Tach stand orders. Tach stands will start shipping today and continue throughout the week. Read More
Niels Heusinkveld is know as the physics creator of many mods out there and lately know as Reiza Studios head Physics developer, but being an engineer, Niels is introducing his own set set of pedals. Read More