Monthly Archives: January 2013

iRacing – New KIA Optima, Ford Fusion and Chevy SS in the works.

Tony Gardner and Kevin Bobbitt just about confirmed the work in progress on the KIA Optima and two new Nascar heavyweights. The Ford Fusion and the Chevy SS. iRacing is working on a World Tour NASCAR iRacing 2013 Series. It will follow the Sprint Cup every week as an event series. 36 races, with 6 drop weeks open to all members. Look for an official announcement next week. A picture of the WIP version of the KIA was posted on the iRacing Forums.

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Motion Simulation TL1 – iRacing McLaren GT3.

The Motion Simulation TL1 simulator incorporates the world first 180 degree, portable screen and variable driving position cockpit. The unique seating position can be rotated to go from Touring and GT car positions to Apache or Formula 1 car. Visually running up to 7 million pixels, software options are only limited by your imagination. Full professional flight, racing car and car driver training solutions available.

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