Monthly Archives: "February 2013"

Another amazing video by Frank Alexandre showing som triple screen ingame action of the Reiza Studios Formula Truck title. Read More

rFactor 2
ISI released Update 12 (Build 156) of their rFactor 2 Sim / modding platform. Read More

An updated version of the original Ajira Spa-Francorchamps track guide, narrated by Auli Peltoniemi and commentated and driven by Martti Pietil盲. Read More
Mirza X is creating a Alfa Romeo Concept Retrofutura 33/2 With this WIP he is trying to revive the past of Alfa Romeo's range of 33/2 mid engine v8 street and race cars. Read More
Milestone released rendered previews of the Team Yamaha Bike for their upcoming Moto GP 2013 Racing Game. Read More
Assetto Corsa forum member Juandi Sanchez posted unofficial templates for the Lotus Elise that stars in the Assetto Corsa Tech Preview by Kunos Simulazioni. Note that these are not official AC templates, but extracts from the Tech Preview. Juandi has asked the Kunos team for permission, before making the files public. Read More
The DRM Modding Team is working on a new contender for their DMR Revival mod that is a representation of the Deutsche Rensport Meistershaft from the 70s and 80s. Today they posted a batch of BMW 2002 Turbo previews.Read More
Kunos Simulazioni posted an awesome set of high-res previews of Assetto Corsa. You might have seen som of the images during the Monthly Dev posts, but have a look and spot the interesting new ones. Read More
F1Ligue modding team posted new Force India F1 WIP previews wearing pre-season testing liveries. Read More
After Simbins initial announcement of the Pagani Zonda R, followed by the WIP post and finished off with a little spring treat during 2012, they started to pick up some chatter about why they did not make the updated Zonda R. Read More
BSNismo produced a new teaser of the Assetto Corsa Tech Preview. Enjoy some slow motion action footage of the Lotus Elise at the Magione track. Read More
The Assetto Corsa Technology modding scene is waking up. Its still to early for full blown mods, but community members start experimenting with apps and files. Assetto Corsa member Attilio is one of the first to release a Sound mod for the Tech Preview Lotus Elise. Read More