Monthly Archives: "June 2013"

The Virtua_LM Junior modding Team, who are working on the Prototype C mod for rFactor, released a new set of preview screenshots depicting the Porsche 962 in progress. Read More

SeanManly and Chunx of SimHQ Motorsportd arrived in sunny Los Angeles on Monday to cover all things sim-racing at E3 2013. Although they were realistic about expectations, both of them were looking forward to seeing what the electronic entertainment industry has to offer in the coming months for fans of racing simulations. Read More

EKSIMRacing has been working on new API v3 with the Codemasters dev team and is now providing the new plugin for GRID 2 at the same time as the new Codemasters GRID 2 patch for PC. Check out the short video clip using a Fanatec ClubSport and SLIMax Manager III with GRID 2. Read More
Designed from the beginning to be a high end timing display for professional users, competitive sim racers and r/l drivers training for competition, the Timing Stack is the ultimate ‘off screen’ timing display. Read More
ARC_TEAM explains the functions and adjustments features of their "Carbon Pedals" Read More
As usual KUNOS Simulazioni posted a nice new development shot just before the weekend. This time a full race shot with a mixed field showing the BMW M3 GTR, Z4 GT3, Ferrari 459 GT2 and the McLaren MP4-12C GT3 in action. Read More
SMS Quote: Our always busy WMD members have put together the next stunning Project CARS Community Gallery, delivering lots of eye candy to kick off the week. Read More
NASCAR The Game: 2013 is available for Pre-Purchase on Steam. The release date is set to 24 Jul 2013. When you Pre-Purchase now you will gain instant access to the ongoing Beta! Read More presents some raw in game video of Drive Club for the Playstation 4 during E3 2013. This is raw driving footage with Thierry Allen. Read More
SimBin posted a new video highlighting all the exciting racing cars and racing circuits now featured in the free-to-play racing game, RaceRoom Racing Experience. Read More
Killrob is building another green car (less ugly this time) and shows the car body morphing as well as the new fixture placement features. Read More
Simracer92 did some laps using the new Fanatec CSS (Club Sport Shifter) in sequential mode using iRacing, and shared the video with us all. Read More