Monthly Archives: "August 2013"

Video report of the 42nd International Pokka Sapporo 1000km which is the 2013 AUTOBACS SUPER GT Round 5 in the cHampionship. The race is held on the Suzuka Circuit on 18-08-2013. Read More

The Slightly Mad Studios Project CARS community members have submitted yet another stunning selection of Project CARS screenshots. Read More

While browsing the web for sim racing news, I came across an article on that really attracted my interest. Since I am blind on the left side since birth, Virtual reality glasses or goggles have always been a mystery to me. The technology relies on stereoscopic view, which I and so many others out there sadly enough don't posses. Read More
Formula 1 racing in rFactor. Something most sim racers have done many times, with a wide selection of mods that represented the queen of all racing series in the virtual world. Now Vermulen3 has created an impressive video compilation, showing us a the Formula 1 mods that have been used in the previous version of the popular Image Space incorporated rFactor 1. Read More
Video report of the Supercar Challenge round 5 at Assen in the Netherlands of the Superlights and Sport division. You can watch the highlights of the Saturday and Sunday race. Full HD version. Read More
Yesterday was a very interesting day at the EC Sim Hardware workshop. The team worked for almost 16 hours to get the final details of the EC Sim Hardware "Advanced Motion System" and one of the latest F - Brake testing phase ready before production can start! Read More
DigiProst recorded a comparison video showing us Circuit Zolder. A head to head between the iRacing and Project Cars version. As usual DigiProst provides a dynamic map to let you know where exactly on the track you are. Read More
Codemasters reveled some of the big name drivers and legendary cars that'll feature in F1 2013 content this October. Read More
BenBuja has uploaded an extensive BeamNG Crash Montage. It shows you the Real Time Physics Simulation Engine (Demo) performing multiple crash situations in slow motion. Read More
Codemasters have uploaded a new video promoting the Formula One 2013 game. The officially licensed F1 2013, will launch on October 8th for the Xbox 360, PLAYSTATION 3 and Windows® PC. Read More
LifeOn2 Development who is building his own force feedback wheel posted a new video of his project, testing the feedback in rFactor 2. In-sim demo using a LifeOn2 Development FFB controller HW/SW prototype, connected to an off-the-shelf Servo drive and Servo motor. Read More
EnduRacers Modding Team is proudly releasing the SP2.1 PATCH dedicated to the Endurance Series mod for rFactor. The package includes an overall improvement of the physics of all the cars included in the mod, in particular in tyres behaviour. Read More