Monthly Archives: "September 2013"

MileStone posted a set of in-game captured screenshots that will give you a better idea of the graphics quality compared to the latest released youtube video´s, or screens captured from those. Read More

Zappadoc of EKSIMRacing posted a preview of the upcoming SIM Race F1 Emulator For Android (SRF1-EMU), a true emulator (not a toy) of the real USB Device fro SIM Display. Read More

The Spannish SRL League (SimRacingLife) created a video of the GT & Touring Cars v1.95 at the Nordschleife. Read More
Go behind the scenes of Bugbear's Next Car Game and see the test drive sessions of soft-body deformation car damage modeling. It's all still work in progress, but the crew seems to have a lot of fun with it. Read More
Thrustmaster uploaded a second revealing video of the Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition,for Xbox One. This video give you a glimpse of the high-end Force Feedback technology embedded into it. Read More
Codemasters released a new video trailer of F1 2013 the Classic Edition Back in August Alex Gillon already spotted the addition of the 1976 Ferrari 312 T2 in the game. This trailer confirms his findings. Read More
The Project CARS member community created gallery #67 of in-game screenshots. Read More
Its time to introduce a new and coming Racing title for the Nvidia Terga 4 mobile platforms. First Racing Moments trailer. Read More
BeamNG has released an update patch for " Drive" The small update fixes a few bugs, including the shaky camera with the Moonhawk. Read More
Reiza Studios announced Game Stock Car 2013 is on the way! Get ready for the Pre-Order. Read More
The iRacing staff has reported the inhouse engineering team just completed the laser scan of this 2013 Ford Fusion Super Late Model. Read More
BeamNG has a surprise for all testers. They released the 1977 Bruckell Moonhawk for all testers to enjoy. Read More