Monthly Archives: "December 2013"

Niels Heusinkveld Honda NSX
Time for a new Niels Heusinkveld "Talk & Drive". This is episode 8. Niels shares some news regarding the Honda NSX mod for rFactor. Read More

rFactor Corvette GT2
Image Space Incorporated released a new version of the Corvette GT2 and the Camaro for rFactor 2. The cars have been updated in both the graphical and sound department.Read More

iRacingTV Auto Club
iRacing VP of Art & Production, Greg Hill, talks about the next track coming to iRacing. The NASCAR Sprint Cup track known as Auto Club Speedway. Read More
Ferrari F40 Assetto Corsa
On the Kunos Simulazioni Facebook page a new Assetto Corsa cover image is now depicting a Ferrari F40. As we all know the "three Stooges" of the team, namely Stefano,Marco and Aristotelis are real famous for teasing and hinting upcoming features or content. Read More
Gran Turismo 6
Valdudes has a first look at Sony and Polyphony Digital`Gran Turismo 6. This is Part 1 of the first impressions video series. You can see the Ferrari 458 vs. Ferrari Enzo at Circuit de la Sarthe aka Le Mans. GT6 Career Mode selected. Read More
Game Stock Car Bryse
Kittx Around The World announced the release of overhauled version of Bryce Canyon for Game Stock Car 2013.Read More
Ricmotech Pedal resolution
Ricmo Tech shares some ideas on how to increase the resolution of your Logitech G25 and G27 brake pedal.Read More
Field Of View
Bsim regular Gamer Muscle produced a video explaining Field of View or FOV in short. This video is aimed at new of beginning Sim Racers and Racing game enthusiasts. Read More
Dem Racing Simulators DRS-LC Pedals
After last years DRS-Pedals release by DEM Racing Simulators, they now announced the DRS-LC Pedals.Read More
Mount Panorama iRacing
The latest track that was released for iRacing was the famous and notorious Bathurst, also known as Mount Panorama. VP of Art & Production, Greg Hill, takes you on a tour looking at the details and challenges of building this digital colossus. Read More
Assetto Corsa Fan Trailer
Fan Trailers have been around just as long as the modern Sim Racing titles where released. We have seen many beautifully crafted videos of Project Cars, Iracing, rFactor and the likes. So now that Assetto Corsa has captured the hearts and minds of many Sim Racers, it is no surprise that also the Kunos Simulazioni platform has its own community fan trailers. Read More
This week inside Sim Racing GT6
The release of Gran Turismo 6 is the main topic in "This Week Inside Sim Racing" Darin and Shaun also chat about their upcoming trip to the Nascar Hall of Fame where they will meet this year IRacing Nascar champion. In this episode they also have a look at the second patch of Assetto Corsa by Kunos Simulazioni. Read More