Monthly Archives: "April 2014"

Ferrari 312B Boreks and friends
BorekS and friends now proudly released the 1970 Ferrari 312B for both GT Legends and GTR2.  Read More

Polyphony Digital released software update 1.06 for Gran Turismo 6. The most eye catching features in this 295MB update are the GPS visualizer and data loggerRead More

iRacing Basic Training
This is chapter 8 of the "iRacing Basic Training" series. In this week's Basic Training episode Bryan Blacford will give you some tips to safely handle wreck avoidance manoeuvres.Read More
Enduracers Lola
Enduracers revealed the Endurance Series Lola Coupe LMP2 model for their Endurance Series mod. The Prototype model is still in development, but as you can see in the screenshots is shaping up nicely.Read More
BMW Z4 GT3 iRacing
Darin Gangi of Inside Sim Racing is part of the iRacing Online racing Alpha build test community.In this episode we can see his alpha test of the upcoming iRacing BMW Z4 GT3 in action on the Circuit Zolder and the night version of the Daytona Road Course.Read More
2014 SuperGt Okayama
Video Highlights of the AUTOBACS SUPER GT 2014 Round1 at the Okayama International Circuit.Read More
1978 BMW 320 Turbo Group 5
Slightly Mad Studios added a second Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft [DRM] Classic car to the Project CARS line up. This time the 1978 BMW 320 Turbo Group 5 monster also nicknamed "the flying brick"  Read More
Assetto Corsa Spa Francorchamps
Today's  previews of the Assetto Corsa Spa Francorchamps circuit version show us the progress of the laser scanned track model. Have a look at the Uniroyal tower, Endurance pit, F1 pit building, Cafeteria, La Source and Eau Rouge.Read More
Formula Vee Game Stock Car Extreme
Reiza Studios is showing us the first in-game previews of the upcoming DLC for Game Stock Car Extreme. We can have a look at the nimble Formula Vee Brazil and the Formula Extreme.Read More
Nissan GTR GT3
Recently Kunos Simulazioni asked fans to participate in a poll to try and find wich car licenses the community would appreciate the most. Based on the outcome of that poll, Kunos Simulazioni announced the Assetto Corsa Nissan license is now official.Read More
Indinapolis Motor Speedway rFactor 2
Today the Image Space Incorporated track team released a new preview screen showing us the start/finish of the world-famous American Indianapolis Motor Speedway Oval track. In this shot we see the track, pagoda and grandstands already textures.Read More
Base Performance Simulators
Whenever we read the sentence " Simulators have come a long way in the past few years" we just have to read the article. On the official FIA World Endurance Championship website, you can read an interesting article about haw far Simulators have come in the past few years and why and how they are used in Motorsports for driver training and/ or engineering.Read More