2016 TCR Benelux Championship


 2016 TCR Benelux Calendar


Belgium21 - 22 May Spa-Francorchamps
Netherlands15 -17 July Circuit Park Zandvoort
Belgium18 - 20 August Circuit Zolder
Netherlands24 - 25 September Colmar-Berg
Netherlands23 October TT Circuit Assen
Belgium30 October Circuit Mettet

2016 TCR Benelux Championship

The 2016 TCR Benelux Touring Car Championship is the first season of the TCR Benelux Touring Car Championship. The season started on 21 May at Spa-Francorchamps and ends on 30 October at Mettet.

Each round includes five races: a 60-minute-long qualifying race with a mandatory driver change, and four 20-minute-long sprint races. The starting grid for the qualifying race is established by a popular vote via Facebook, through the Making the Grid application.

Race 1 uses the fastest lap of after the pit stop during the qualifying race to determine the starting grid. Race 3 uses the fastest lap of before the pit stop during qualifying race. Races 2 and 4 include a rolling start using the finishing order, respectively, of Race 1 and 3.  

The order for the qualifying race was subsequently revised with an aggregate score from the fan voting and the fastest laps from the final 15 minutes from the 45-minute Free Practice session (Fast lap window) held before the qualifying race. In case of a tie in the aggregate score, the results from the fan voting will have bigger weight.


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