Monthly Archives: "July 2016"

Assetto Corsa Praga R1
Kunos Simulazioni has posted the first teaser screenshots of the upcoming Praga R1 sportscar for Assetto Corsa.Read More

Assetto Corsa Porsche 935 K3
DRM Modding Team members Dennis Matzies shared some new preview screenshots of the DRM Revival mod Porsche 935 K3 for Assetto Corsa.Read More

Digital games publisher and developer Dusenberry Martin Racing has published the official trailer of their upcoming NASCAR Heat Evolution racing game. Read More
Assetto Corsa - Look What The Cat Hacked In - S03E07
Kunos Simulazioni founder and Assetto Corsa lead programmer Stefano Casillo presents episode S03E07 of his “Look What The Cat Hacked In” live stream series.Read More
Assetto Corsa hotfixes
After a very successful release of the latest V1.7 update and Red Pack DLC, Kunos Simulazioni has now deployed a set of Assetto Corsa Hotfixes. Read More
Assetto Corsa Porsche Previews
Kunos Simulazioni's Licensing Project Manager Marco Massarutto has posted the first teaser screens of some of the upcoming Porsche content for Assetto Corsa.Read More
DSD Type 3 Handbrake
New Zealand's hardcore Sim racer AVENGA, posted a new video showing us a DIRT Rally test session using his Motion simulator, Oculus Rift CV1 VR headset, and DSD Type 3 Handbrake.Read More
ISRTV _Assetto Corsa Red Pack
John Sabol from Inside Sim Racing fires up the Assetto Corsa racing simulator and takes every single car in the new Red Pack DLC for a two-lap race at the Red Bull Ring. Read More
Leopoldo Ramirez AMG paddles
Custom Wheel designer Leopoldo Ramirez introduces the high-quality magnetic AMG paddle shifter unit with extra analog clutch paddle.Read More
Automobilista Speedland
Reiza Studios has released Early Access build Version 0.9.8 for their popular Automobilista racing simulator.Read More
Assetto Corsa V1.7
Besides the release of the stunning Red Pack DLC, KUNOS Simulazioni also deployed update V1.7 for their Assetto Corsa racing simulation.Read More
Assetto Corsa Red Pack
After weeks of teasing KUNOS Simulazioni and 505 Games have released the Red Pack DLC for Assetto Corsa as a tribute to Italy’s Racing Red.Read More