Monthly Archives: "December 2016"

Automobilista End of Year dev blog
Reiza Studios has published the last Automobilista racing simulator development update of 2016.Read More

Sparco Gaming
Sparco Italy announced that they are setting up their own official Sparco Gaming Division and revealed the first five sim/gaming related products.Read More

Motion Simulation Ltd
At the 2017 IAAPA event in Florida USA, Motion Simulation Ltd presented their new VR and twin seat variable driving position cockpit.Read More
rFactor 2 Winter Sale
STUDIO 397 started the Steam Winter sale for rFactor 2 reducing its price by 50%.Read More
Thrustmaster TS PC Racer
Alan Boiston from Team VVV unboxes and takes a first look at the new TS-PC Racer Force Feedback wheel by Thrustmaster.Read More
The Extra Mile Mega Sim Build
Alex of The Extra Mile started work on building himself a Mega cool Sim Racing rig. Read More
ISRTV host John Sabol presents his 2017 PlayStation 4 Racing Wheel Buyers Guide.Read More
MX Bikes
PiBoSo has released the Beta 5 version of his MX Bikes Motorcross simulator for the PC.Read More
Grand Prix Legends 1955 F1 Promotion Movie
The GPL 55 modding team posted a promo video for their upcoming 1955 Formula one mod for Grand Prix Legends.Read More
Beamng update
The early access version of the BeamNG.Drive game has been updated to V0.8.Read More
Niels Heusinkveld
By popular request, Niels Heusinkveld invites us for an office tour at the Heusinkveld Engineering headquarters.Read More
rFactor 2 Build 1108
STUDIO 397 have successfully deployed Build 1108 for the rFactor 2 racing simulator.Read More