Monthly Archives: "July 2018"

Vesaro Team BRIT
Recently, Team BRIT's Ash Hall and Sim Racing Streaming addict, James West, aka GamerMuscle visited the British Vesaro Simulators headquarters in Kent, UK.Read More

Marco Massarutto Talks Assetto Corsa Competizione
Julian Huguet of nVidia interviews Kunos Simulazioni’s Executive Manager and Co-Founder, Marco Massarutto about the upcoming Assetto Corsa Competizione racing title. Read More

SimXperience GS-5 G-Seat
During this week's Indycar race in the Streets of Toronto, Canada, the SimXperience team will proudly unveil the second generation SimXperience GS-5 G-seat.Read More
RaceRoom Twin Ring Motegi
Sector3 Studios deployed a new update for their RaceRoom Racing Experience title and added the Twin-Ring Motegi circuit to their track portfolio.Read More
rF2 Brabham and March
Studio 397 officially released the Brabham BT44b and March 761 as new free content for their rFactor 2 racing simulator.Read More
DiRT Rally Fourketa Kourva
Remco Hitman goes offroad with Codemasters DirT Rally driving the Lancia 037 rally car at the dusty Fourketa Kourva stage in Greece. Read More
Ascher Racing Push-Pull Sequential Paddle Shifter
Ascher Racing introduced the new magnetic snap action push-pull sequential paddle shifter which let you experience gear shifting like a real rally car driver.Read More
SIMTAG Hydraulic Handbrake
Flo Pernon aka FLOEB reviews the high-end SIMTAG Hydraulic Handbrake.Read More
rFactor 2 Rain VR update
Studio 397 released a small update for rFactor 2 bringing us some significant performance optimizations for VR users and a better frame rate under rainy conditions.Read More
F1 2018 DevDiary 1
Codemasters F1 2018 Game Director Lee Mather presents the first of a four-part series of Developer Diaries for the new F1 game. Read More
McLaren Shadow Works
Mclaren F1 has announced its next eSports adventure. The McLaren Shadow Project.Read More
rF2 June 2018 Dev Update
Studio 397 published the June 2018 Roadmap Update for rFactor 2.Read More