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Assetto Corsa – Early Access Update 0.5 Released. ( Updated 0.5.1/ 0.5.3 info)

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A new year, and a new update for Kunos Simulazioni`s Assetto Corsa Simulator.  Januari could not start any better for Sim Racing fans.   Early Access 0.5 is here.

As reported yesterday, after a few months hot lapping, we can now have a taste of some racing action against AI drivers. The simulator with the nicest sounding name ” Assetto Corsa” has gotten a little bigger once more. Many people will have been looking out for new car additions in Assetto . Version 0.5 now added the Lotus Evora GTE and the BMW 1M for you to enjoy. And last but not least, lets not forget the improved tire model. For more, have a look at the changelog list below.

Post Update: Kunos Simulazione added a small update (0.5.1) to this release fixing some small issiues .

For sim racing fans out there who have not yet have a go at The simulator with the nicest sounding name ” Assetto Corsa”, we have lots of articles up, that will give you a good idea of what you are missing.  Click here to find out.  When interested in purchasing Assetto Corsa, you can obtain it at

For those who can spare a minute to comment, it would be great to hear your opinion on the latest updates. Let us know in the comment section on the bottom of this post.

Changelog Early Access 0.5

  • AI & Race Events
  • End Race simulation
  • Session Ranking app fixes
  • Driver Names displayer
  • Proximity Indicator & damage displayer follow GUI
  • Small GUI fixes
  • Special events have pre-determinate parameters such as Temperature
  • Warning for high CPU occupancy
  • Real time position
  • Steam Achievement fixes
  • fixed suspension animator in replay
  • chase camera shake parameters exposed in launcher
  • Modifications on tyre model combined forces grip. Tyres more sensitive in combined forces, cars more sensitive under braking and acceleration. Resulting in use of traction control more interesting even on racing cars
  • Modifications on tyres heating modeling.
  • BMW Z4 35is drift upgrade
  • BMW M3 E30 group.A is now the early model with less power and no ABS plus chassis modifications and 5 speed gearbox
  • BMW M3 E30 DTM version is now an upgrade to the early model and retains only the 6 speed gearboxes.
  • BMW 1M series
  • Lotus Evora GTE
  • Modifications on Ferrari F40 suspension toe links
  • Modifications on Tatuus FA01 aerodynamic drag.
  • BMW Z4 35is toe fixes and tyre compound fixes
  • Pagani Zonda R ABS levels
  • Ferrari 599XX Evo default alignment setup modified to cure oversensitive steering.

Changelog Early Access 0.5.1

  • opponents engine volume tuned
  • fixed Golden Glory achievements
  • fixed replay race loading

Changelog Early Access 0.5.1

  •  fixed opponents engine volume typo

Changelog Early Access 0.5.3

  • Removed penalty system in race special events
  • Fixed session over leaderboard
  • Fixed session result post session
  • Added more slipstream
  • AI acts less superhuman after collisions
  • Replay memory limit slider increased to 500mb
  • Added missing skins for BMW M3 grA
  • Modifications on collisions boxes of very low cars.


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