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For Forza Motorsport 4, Turn 10 Studios partnered with tire manufacturer Pirelli to refine and perfect the tire performance model in the game. This behind-the-scenes documentary details the relationship between Forza and Pirelli and how that partnership created the exacting and engaging car handling that is such an important part of Forza Motorsport 4. Read More

DJKustoms continues his Series of Car engine sounds from Forza Motorsport 4 Videos. This time the car's from the April Alpinestars pack DLC. Read More

Team VVV´s Ross casts his eye over part 2 of the recent Alpinestars car pack. Forza Motorsport 4 latest car pack DLC, features 10 new cars. The April Alpinestars DLC will be available for 560 MS Points. Read More
Team VVV: Ross is back with his review of the new Alpinestars DLC It would be nice to see more tracks added though. Part 2 should be up shortly with the tuning guide next week (fingers crossed). Read More
The announcement of the SRT Viper is fantastic news for fans of this true-blue American supercar and there’s more good news to boot. The Viper will be coming to Forza Motorsport 4 this summer. This downloadable content will include both a drivable version of the SRT Viper as well as a Viper Autovista experience which, in true Autovista fashion, is designed to give you a stunning view of this incredible machine, as well as insight into its history and production. Read More
Youtube user " TestDrive426" tested numerous Forza Motorsport 4 cars on the Top Gear Test track. Lets have a look at a hundred of those tests... Is this dedication or what ? Read More
The next chapter in the Forza franchise has been revealed: Forza Horizon is on its way! Forza Horizon will be available this fall for the Xbox 360. Forza Horizon is being developed by Playground Games in collaboration with Turn 10 Studios. Playground Games is an independent UK game development studio formed in 2009. It was founded by the leadership team responsible for award-winning racing franchises like TOCA, Colin McRae Rally, GRID, and DiRT. Read More
We all know Forza Motorsport 4 sports a great set of features when talking about visuals. Further more there is a great relationship between those visuals and the actual physics. Lets have a look. This video, put together by testdrive426, shows us how articulated thesuspension mechanics actually are, and in slow motion no less, which is always awesome. Read More
On April 3rd Turn 10 Studios will be releasing a new DLC pack for Forza Motorsport 4. The Alpinestars car pack will include ten new cars that range from a 1959 Cadillac Eldorado convertible to a 2012 Jaguar XKR-S. The Alpinstars car pack will set you back 560 Points ($6.99) or will be included with your Forza 4 season pass. Read More
Forza 4 creative director Dan Greenawalt discusses the recent title update for Forza 4, which went live today.Read More