Inside Sim Racing Category presents a drive in the ultimate Champcar simulator. This incredible sim was a custom built rig that CXC Simulations did for one of their customers. It is a real Champcar full carbon chassis that has had sim equipment installed into it. Read More

It's been over a year since the guys have had a Fanatec product to review and you get to hear what they think of the 2nd version of these pedals from Fanatec. Read More presents an extra video from the iRace4life seminars in Dallas, Tx. In March 2013 iRace4life put on these seminars and while there we had the chance to drive this incredible simrig. Read More presents a video on how to build a balanced race car setup for oval in iRacing. Long time racer and setup guru David Cater shows us his approach to setup for oval. This video comes from the iRace4life seminars in Dallas, Tx in March of 2013. Read More presents their in depth tutorial on getting started in iRacing and getting up to your D License. This tutorial also points you to all the resources you'll need to go down the right path on your iRacing career. ISR will go over treating your account like a real racing career versus treating like a video game. Read More presents an interview with Pat Dotson of Ultraforce Sim. He is the creator of the GS4 Gaming Seat that uses motion technology within a non moving chair. Read More presents our first look at Reizas new simulator, Formula Truck. Darin Gangi and Shaun Cole take the trucks for a spin and let you know what their initial thoughts are. Read More present This Week Inside Sim Racing Mid March Edition. On this weeks show Darin talks to our new host Christy about her past prior to being on the show. Read More presents Episode 1 The Opinion Nation. Hosted by Cristy Aranguiz, This show was created to separate these types of topics from their This Week Inside Sim Racing show. Read More presents This Week Inside Sim Racing with our their new co-host by Cristy Aranguiz. Read More presents our full review of Euro Truck Simulator 2 for the PC by SCS Software. Darin and Shaun travel around Europe in 18 Wheelers exploring the countryside and delivering cargo. Read More
www.insidesimracing,tv presents a first look at the Tech Preview of Assetto Corsa. Perhaps one of the most anticipated sims racing titles in a long time is finally here to be seen, heard and felt for the first time. Read More