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Game developer SimBin Studios AB and publisher RaceRoom Entertainment AG are proud to announce RaceRoom Racing Experience™, a new Free 2 Race concept, soon to be released. Read More

SimBin Quote: Time to stop the teasing… well for this particular subject at least and finally tell you guys what some of you already have guessed after seeing the other images. When we started this project we decided that we should try and get certain tracks in the game, tracks we love to see racing on, known or unknown, modern or classic, circuits we have never done before, and we would really like to do. Read More

fGear met up with Formula 1 legend Nigel Mansell, who tried his hand at playing Simbin’s Formula RaceRoom against other players. Filmed at the London Motorexpo 2011. Read More
On their blog , SimBin is still on the lookout for induviduals who might be interested and qualified to become a part of their top production team. Read More
Quote Press Release: In the light of the continuous evolution of the games industry, the Swedish game developer SimBin Studios AB has gone through several important changes over the last year. These changes are influencing the development philosophy of the company, as well as its game publishing strategies. SimBin Studios has evolved significantly over the last year. Strong investments have led to the employment of new and experienced developers from all over the world, a new state of the art office as well as new projects currently in the making. Read More