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DTM Experience Multiplayer Alpha – GamerMuscle review

DTM Experience Multiplayer

DTM Experience Multiplayer Alpha – GamerMuscle review

Now that SimBin has released the multiplayer alpha feature for DTM experience, Gamermuscle takes a look at the online experience of this Race Room racing experience powered title.

In this video we can safely say that Gamermuscle was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the DTM Experience Multiplayer net-code. While this feature is still in alpha stage, it is already a very stable environment to race in.

Gamermuscle says: I dare say at this point in time this title probably has the best net-code of any driving simulator we have played. 
Cars can bump and jostle around with nothing strange happening, even players in the game with 150+ pings remain smooth with no issue. Side by side racing and contacts all work as you would expect in a real race which is very impressive. 

At this time the Multiplayer Alpha is only available for DTM Experience owners, but it will be made available later on for all RaceRoom Racing Experience owners on a yet to be announced date.

RaceRoom Racing Experience is a Free2Race game that connects fans of racing around a game and motorsports portal. Drivers begin their racing career in the portal and hit the track with plenty of free-to-play content. Five cars and two tracks are provided free to all registered users. Licensed cars, tracks and championships are available for purchase in the online store allowing players to build the game of their dreams.

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