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Formula RaceRoom U.S Coming Next Week – New Screenshots

Formula RaceRoom U.S Coming Next Week - New Screenshots


Formula RaceRoom US Coming Next Week – New Screenshots

Exciting news for fans of open-wheeler racing.

Sector3 Studios has confirmed that the Formula RaceRoom US car for the RaceRoom racing simulator will become available next week. The new R3E open wheeler is modeled after the Dallara Indycar as raced in the American 2016 Indycar Series Championship. While we can’t confirm it, we expect that besides the new content Sector3 will also roll out a new RaceRoom update.

To get us all excited, Sector3 Studios has released a new batch of in-game preview screenshots showing us the upcoming Formula RaceRoom US cars in action at a selection of the American racing tracks available for R3E.

The IndyCar Series is the premier open-wheel racing league in the United States. The Indy car name derived as a result of the genre’s fundamental link to the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race (often referred to as the “Indy 500”), one of the most popular Motorsport events in the world.

The series initially raced exclusively on oval tracks, as the series was founded partly in response to the increasing prominence of road and street courses on the CART schedule. In 2005, the series abandoned its unofficial ovals-only stance, and added three road–street course events. By 2009, the series had a roughly 50/50 split of ovals and road/street courses. Presently, the series currently runs one-third of its schedule on ovals and the rest on road and street circuits

RaceRoom Formula US

Formula RaceRoom U.S Specs:

  • 2.2 liter V6, Turbo charged
  • 675hp @ 12000 rpm + 60hp with Push to Pass.
  • 408Nm @ 11500 rpm
  • Redline at 12200 rpm
  • 6 speed paddle shift
  • 785 kg including driver
  • 44/56% Weight distribution, including driver, excluding fuel.
  • 70 liter fuel tank
  • Maximum theoretical downforce is 3000 kg @ 322 km/h.
  • Push to Pass: + 60 bhp for 20 seconds. 10 Push to Pass allowed per race.


Below you can also watch a video by Community member and avid YouTuber Jimmy Broadbent as he previewed the upcoming Formula RaceRoom U.S content. Jimmy jumped in the pre-release Formula RaceRoom U.S car and competed in a race against the AI at the recently released Silverstone track.

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