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IRacing is showing us a Laser-scan screen of the Mclaren MP4 12-C GT3 and the Tsukuba Circuit. Those who have read the latest AutoSimSport, might of noticed the spy shot of Twin Ring Motegi. Further more, on the iR twitter page you could read that the iRacing iRacing guys where not happy with the hand model so they scanned some new hands and created a new set for release in the next build. Read More presents the broadcast of the Inside Sim Racing March on Michigan 300 special event that took place on March 31st 2012. Tim Terry and Shaun Cole called the action as well as Darin Gangi who checked in on other splits. More than 150 drivers raced the Chevy Silverado Truck at Michigan International Speedway in 6 different splits on this day and PSRTV covered the top split and dropped in on all the others as well. Read More
GT Testday at Circuit Zolder (BE) Marc VDS Racing Team will enter two of its Z4 GT3 cars in the 2012 Blancpain Endurance Series! Drivers wil be Bas Leinders, Maxime Martin, Markus Palttala, Bert Longin, Mike Hezemans and Henri Moser. Video by DutchRacingHD. Read More
Team VVV: Ross is back with his review of the new Alpinestars DLC It would be nice to see more tracks added though. Part 2 should be up shortly with the tuning guide next week (fingers crossed). Read More
The announcement of the SRT Viper is fantastic news for fans of this true-blue American supercar and there’s more good news to boot. The Viper will be coming to Forza Motorsport 4 this summer. This downloadable content will include both a drivable version of the SRT Viper as well as a Viper Autovista experience which, in true Autovista fashion, is designed to give you a stunning view of this incredible machine, as well as insight into its history and production. Read More
The FIA GT1 World Championship has started in 2010 as a successor to the previous FIA GT Championship which featured the GT1 category as well as a GT2 category. In 2012 the series originally planned to move away from exclusive use of GT1 cars by allowing 2009-spec GT2 from the former FIA GT Championship as well as current performance balanced GT3 specification cars to compete alongside the series' current GT1 cars. Read More
More and more Video´s and Pictures surface on the web, about something called " Porsche Motorsport Online" A closed BETA-Version of is announced for the end of April. It will provide a new race experience online. With real cars, real tracks,and real motorsports. And that for free. will release more details shortly before the release. Read More
Game Stock Car 2013
Back on March 13, Reiza Studio announced a future update release to the 2012 season of Game Stock Car Complete with all the new cars and rules, and a lot more. Renewed visuals, new content, and the best of it? Free for all owners of the original Game Stock Car! Have a look at a preview render of the Chevrolet and Peugeot models. Read More
During a training session at ARC_Team, Julian Leal tried some of our top products as ARC_Pedals, ARC_Wheel GT and ARC_Gearbox. All peripherals are installed in a special new frame totally builded in Ergal. Ómar Julián Leal Covelli, commonly known as Julián Leal, (born May 11, 1990 in Bucaramanga) is a professional racing driver from Colombia, although he has also competed with an Italian licence in the GP2 Series. Read More
Another Year has past. From civilian weapons radar technician to passionate Simracer and appreciated friend... Respect. From the little Sim room in Hantsport, Nova Scotia Canada to the Mosport Racing track... Racing Passion. From all your friends in Belgium and Holland... a toast. Happy Birthday Bruce. Read More
AutoSimSport Magazine has launched its new look and homePage and released They strive to provide the latest content and information virtual racers crave. The latest issue is available for FREE to everyone. You can either read it online, or download it for reading offline. Read More
A month ago, Build 164 of Project CARS introduced an early version of the dynamic lighting system that allows racing at day & night and everything in between. In the meantime, our development team has been busy refining the system and today we show you new previews of the lighting system’s latest evolution. The new previews show off added spot lights that illuminate parts the nightly Connecticut Hill track, the spots all cast shadows and can be seen in effect in various conditions below. Read More