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RaceRoom Racing Experience – AUDI R8 LMS Ultra licenced.


The world of licensing does not stop moving forward, and even during a busy day of stress testing their systems, Simbin want to inform about a new partnership.

For today’s announcement of a new Partner for RaceRoom Racing Experience they head back to Europe, Bavaria, Germany, to be exact.

Simbinis  extremely happy to welcome AUDI to RaceRoom Racing Experience!
The origins of AUDI go all the away back to the 1850′s, but the first official Audi rolled out of the factory in 1910.

Their racing aspirations started around 1930, and their big successes on the track began in the 90′s.
We have secured access to multiple vehicles from AUDI’s Racing history, but today Simbin  kicks things off by announcing the first one. The AUDI R8 LMS Ultra!

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