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RaceRoom Racing Experience – New Update tomorrow.

Tomorrow Simbin is releasing a new Update patch for RaceRoom Racing Experience.  The main features of this update are improved adaptive AI, improved reflections, performance tweaks and various fixes.

(Simbin Quote:)

In-Game HUD Overlays on DTM Experience 

The overlays in DTM Experience were added to replicate the experience people get when watching the race series on TV. While this is great for players who want that kind of experience, we also understand that some of our players prefer an experience in drivers’ perspective, where no overlays appear while driving in the cockpit. So we added an option in HUD settings that will hide these overlays.
This new option can be found in HUD settings.
This new option can be found in HUD settings.
For players who enjoy the overlays, we also repositioned some of them to more convenient areas so they don’t block your view too much.

Adaptive AI

We are very happy to hear that you guys liked our Adaptive AI system and based on the feedback, we keep improving it. We also fixed some issues that were causing AI to go faster or slower than intended on some sessions.
We slightly changed how skilled they should be by default, depending on the difficulty the player starts in. This is just for the beginning and as soon as the player gets some race session going on a track, the AI will start adapting to the performance of the player.
I think it’s worth clarifying how adaptive AI works as we saw a lot of questions about how they work. The adaptive AI adapts to an average of your performance in race sessions on a given track. As you complete more races and become better on a track, so does the AI. It’s worth noting that the AI adaptation does not change during a session. It adjusts itself between race sessions.

Fixes & Optimizations

There is always room for improvements and optimizations that can be done. The big patch we had few weeks ago had a lot of optimizations and fixes included but it also introduced a lot of new features, systems and mechanics which can be optimized further for better performance and a smooth driving experience.
We’ve done a lot of improvements to the shadows and optimized the cubemap reflections. While the high reflection types are still framerate hungry, they are now a bit better.
We have a lot of fixes and other optimizations on this patch we are preparing to release this Thursday. After this update, we will take a short holiday break and come back after New Year. 2014 will be an exciting year for us, as we will be heavily involved with new features you’ve all been asking for.


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