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Sim Racing Malta Launching Their Online Championships


Sim Racing Malta Launching Their Online Championships

Sim Racing Malta, a new dynamic and professional team of racing fans are launching soon a series of online championships.

Following months of hard work and dedication, we have managed to put together an exciting list of online championships. With the support of various major brands, we will be able to bring to the sim racing world of fans various races and championships.

Unlike some others, our championship races will bring with them cash prizes for the winners.

With our professional approach, we will bring to you clean and professional races targeting professional drivers thus improving the level of racing.

We are also embarking on setting up various one-off online races which will also carry with them cash prices always keeping in mind giving access to good/professional drivers.

We encourage all those who want to experience our championships to log in to where they can find comprehensive details about each and single championship.

We will be offering 2 membership packages, a 6-month membership, and a 12-month membership. For all those that enroll, these bring with them various perks like: Free Access to practice on our training servers, Free Access to training sessions, Setup and Racing guides, Free casual races, Discount on single races, Discount on championship fees, Access to early track practice & Various product discounts.

During the above-mentioned championships will be also in the process of looking at various drivers from whom we shall shortlist to join our eSports racing team ‘RPM eSports’ which in turn will be also competing in other international sim racing events and eventually in real life racing too.

Sim Racing Malta,


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