WSGT2 – RMT Megane Trophy for rFactor 2 test. [Alpha V0.6]


By popular demand, here are some Quick and dirty video snippets of the RMT Megane Trophy Development for rFactor 2. ( This is a scratch build mod and not to be confused with the ISI stock content.) Video footage recorded performing a little test of the WIP model and sounds on the ISI Lime Rock park track. Slow but surely the development of the WSGT2 Megane Trophy mod for rFactor 2 continues.

There is still heaps of work to be done. Many parts of the mod project still place holders, and features such as brake lights, new backfire, inner window, Disk glow, Driver animation..and overall optimizations are not implemented yet.

All models, textures, sounds, and physics are a work in progress.. The Megane Trophy is part of the bigger WSGT2 project by RMT. The mod is being built for both rF2 and Assetto Corsa.
Still, a long way to go, but we will keep you posted. RMT, not charging for mods since 2006.

Racers Modding Team