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Yet another Fanatec rim coming?

Yet another Fanatec rim

Yet another Fanatec rim configuration?

While the Flat1 was the latest Fanatec rim announced, it seems that there is more to come. With the last two reveals, it became apparent that Fanatec is building the Clubsport add-on steering wheels as a “Modular Design” where you can add buttons and features to your own liking. In the latest video posted by German Audi driver Rene Rast, we can see a Fanatec wheel that has a smartphone holder/case attached to the base of the rim.

Fanatec already hinted that the Flat1 would not be the last add-on wheel on offer.  It is not yet clear that the wheel configuration shown in the video is an official Fanatec product. Conciddering the Modular approach, this design makes sense. The latest rim previews already revealed a square on top of the wheel base, that might be a magnetic slot to easily attach features, such as this smartphone holder. At this time, the wheel is not yet officially teased on the Fanatec blog.

Up and till now, all rims revealed will have a retail price of around 349,95 Euro / USD (incl. tax / excl. tax)

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