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BeamNG – Drive – Alpha V0.3.0.



Markus Matthias also uploaded a video showing BeamNG Drive Alpha V0.3.0 footage.

BeamNG released a free Tech demo called Drive. They have been working on what some called the Most Impressive Physics Engine to date.

BeamNG is a young start up company developing a state of the art real time physics simulation engine. We are currently a team of two programmers and two artists that founded the company in 2011.


Check out the Official Webpage  –




  • GamerMuscle

    Nice video ! , I also made one , but talking more about the car physics in general and giving an idea of what you get with the £10 alpha.

    Defiantly worth throwing £10 at them and seeing how it develops over the coming years.

  • F1Racer

    For proper realism they should also get rid of the Hollywood style indestructible car roofs. From the video it looks like they stay magically intact just like in the movies. Definately going to buy a copy of this though. I want to see them progress with this.

  • Big Ron

    Agree, but I guess they did it because of the seats which often do not deform and clipping through the damaged rough when the roof is flattened. Maybe they will work on it. Roofs are damagable and deformable, though.

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