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Recently the BeamNG developers published a new tech-demo showcasing some of the tech features of BeamNG.Drive.Read More

Beamng update
The early access version of the BeamNG.Drive game has been updated to V0.8.Read More

BeamNG Drive Crash
The BeamNG game title successfully passed the Steam Greenlight process and is now available as an Early Acces version on the Steam digital distribution platform.Read More
BeamNG 2015
BeamNG posted a new progress report informing us of the changes made to BeamNG.Drive since the 1st of December.Read More
The BeamNG Development team posted a progress report of the version of BeamNG.Drive.Read More
BeamNG announced they released an experimental version of BeamNG.Drive which Steam users may opt into.Read More
BeamNG_Audi Quatro B2
Kryton has uploaded a video showing us an Audi Quattro B2 mod for the BeamNG Drive title that is still in development.Read More
BeamNG Drive
BeamNG just updated to the latest version of Torque3D. This means that they can now use some nice new features, like a new specular settings which is able to generate convincing wet materials.Read More
BeamNG is developing the game "drive". The game is powered by an inhouse build soft-body physics engine that simulates every single component of a vehicle in real time. Drive is now up for voting on Steam Greenlight.Read More
BeamNG has been working hard on a new Drive environment is under construction. We'll post new screens soon. They report that good progress is made on a high speed road map situated on the upper east coast of the United States. Read More
BeamNG has released an update patch for " Drive" The small update fixes a few bugs, including the shaky camera with the Moonhawk. Read More
BeamNG has a surprise for all testers. They released the 1977 Bruckell Moonhawk for all testers to enjoy. Read More