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BeamNG.Drive January 2015 Progress report


BeamNG.Drive January 2015 Progress report

BeamNG posted a new progress report informing us of the changes made to BeamNG.Drive since the 1st of December. is an open world vehicle simulator that covers a large array of vehicular disciplines. “Drive” is powered by a very powerful innovative Soft Body physics engine that is capable of simulating never before seen crashes and car body deformations..  With “Drive” BeamNG is planning different types of game-play that will reach far beyond racing and crashing.  The aim is to implement various game modes such as police chases, stunt challenges, and other specialized mini-games. In the final stage, the game will have a single-player open world career mode. Multiplayer options will be catered for in a later stage of development.


  • New level selector(WIP)
  • New options menu(WIP)
  • New parts configuration menu
  • Research work on the tire model, more on that in the coming weeks
  • Work on atmospheric simulation, the air density/pressure will reduce as you go higher

BeamNG.Drive  BeamNG.Drive


  • Fixed a crash when exiting the level editor
  • Fixed a crash when clicking OK on a parts selector dialog
  • Shading issue that was affecting most vehicles
  • Console spam when changing focus with FFB enabled
  • Electrics not working if the vehicle has no engine
  • Vehicle color affects others of the same type
  • Water camera effect happening outside of water
  • Pedals UI app having a heavy impact on FPS
  • Derby having no boundaries
  • Tree lod bug on East Coast


  • New prop: Large Spinner
  • New prop: Street Light
  • Sunburst model, texture updates and deformation tweaks
  • Added more power to the stage 1 engine tuning on the Gavril V8 engines
  • Tuned pillar deformation on all cars to be more realistic
  • Improved Hirochi Raceway collisions
  • Improved lighting on East Coast, USA
  • Industrial, Gridmap and Dry Rock Island model improvements
  • East Coast performance improvements, better roads, town, terrain and vegetation fixes
  • Various work on the main menu
  • Improved East Coast grass textures
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