BeamNG.Drive new experimental version

BeamNG.Drive new experimental version

BeamNG announced they released an experimental version of BeamNG.Drive which Steam users may opt into. The Experimental release will contain all of the latest updates, including unfinished vehicles, terrains, and experimental features. Please note that the Experimental build is not stable and not supported.

It may sound like a broken record, but I will keep repeating it… This would make an awesome Rally Simulator.

Music by Predators – Adventure Time

You can purchase the Early Access version of BeamNG.Drive at


  • Hirochi raceway has collision again
  • More work on Hirochy raceway: barriers, forest, added undergrowth, road and vegetation work, updated signs, texture work
  • Sunburst: improvements on the suspension, added simple traction control, improved fuel tank and windshield wipers, cvt ratios, increased turbo power, tuning the driving characteristics
  • Tire stabilization improvements on some vehicles
  • Fixed hamster wheel ramp and large tilt base having no collision
  • Reduced shakiness of large crusher (also removed duplicate example crusher)
  • T75: fixes on the engine and the radiator, improving stability a lot when crashing the front
  • Less torsional frame rigidity for pickup and van Tuned shift points for some vehicles
  • Added cubemap to smallgrid (vehicles now have reflections)
  • Added vehicle thumbnails for new vehicle selector (press Space)
  • Parking-brake hydros added to h45 cargo box
  • Improved collision mesh for the industrial bridges to prevent tire catching when breaking or sliding
  • Corrected some path issues for the rock material on gridmap
  • Bolide collision fixes


  • Collisions with heavy objects are a lot more stable now
  • Rebalanced friction calculations, slightly differently now
  • Cull individual forest item for improved performance of render shadow pass (saves some ms per frame)
  • Fixed vibrations when changing simulation speed to slow motion
  • Fixed UI hiding: should hide properly now
  • Fixed lua split() discarding string parts (be sure to check if your lua script now behaves differently)
  • Fixed file system notifiers taking too much time: faster startup
  • Increased precision on ui update rate


  • LuaSocket is now completely integrated and always enabled. It has a security sandbox and can only connect to localhost and private IPv4 addresses (the previous command line switch is now obsolete)
  • The ingame UI now uses local:// instead of file://. That enables it to use the virtual filesystem and i.e. load preview images from inside zips. There might be some stuttering in the main menu which we are working on. (This was a huge undertaking to get working well)
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