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BeamNG released update v0.3.02 of their DRIVE project.Read More

BenBuja has uploaded an extensive BeamNG Crash Montage. It shows you the Real Time Physics Simulation Engine (Demo) performing multiple crash situations in slow motion. Read More

Gamer Muscle Videos has a quick look at what you get when you buy into the Beam NG alpha. This session is Played with an Xbox 360 controller. Read More
Markus Matthias also uploaded a video showing BeamNG Drive Alpha V0.3.0 footage. Read More
DigiProst posted a compilation video showing the BeamNG "Drive" Physics and damage model. Read More
BeamNG released a free Tech demo called Drive. They have been working on what some called the Most Impressive Physics Engine to date. Read More
Not much id known at this time, but BeamNG has a mysterious countdown running on their website. Read More
BeamNG is also hard at work creating a game in Torque3D using their physics technology. There's more to BeamNG than just crashing cars. Read More
BeamNG is back with a new video! Over the past few months BeamNG been hard at work polishing and improving their physics code and it's running faster and smoother than ever. Read More
We're back with a new video! Two new cars, intervehicle collision, breaking glass, deformable objects, and various tweaks and improvements. Our physics are now running multicore which means we can simulate multiple vehicles (including collision) at over 60 frames per second. Read More
The amazing soft-body physics you know from Rigs of Rods, now even better in CryEngine3. Read More