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Project CARS VR Vive
Let us just remind Xbox Live Gold members that from today on until March the 15th Project CARS will be free to download.Read More

Beyond the Gloves
Billy Strange and John Sabol discuss GTR 3 and Project CARS 2 in the second episode of the weekly Beyond the Gloves talk show.Read More

Project CARS FIA GT1 Mod
The Machine Dojo Modding team has released the FIA GT1 World Championship Car Pack for Project CARS.Read More
Project CARS 2 Andy Tudor
We browsed the web for some interesting interview videos regarding the upcoming Project CARS 2 title by Slightly Mad Studios.Read More
More Pcars 2 Footage
Since the launch of the official Project CARS 2 announcement video, a selection of community Project CARS 2 videos featuring in-game footage appeared on the web.Read More
Project CARS 2 Trailer
Slightly Mad Studios officially released the Project CARS 2 announcement trailer.Read More
Project CARS 2 Winter
Slightly Mad Studios has finally started to share some official media showcasing their upcoming Project CARS 2 racing title. Read More
Project Cars 2 Leaked Trailer
A very interesting leaked Project CARS 2 trailer surfaced on the web showing us a glimpse of what is to come.Read More
Project CARS Maserati MC12 GT1
The Machine Dojo Modding team has released the 2010 Maserati MC12 GT1 mod for Project CARS by Slightly Mad Studios.Read More
Project CARS Xbox One
The Project cars Xbox One version will be free to download for Xbox Live Gold Members.Read More