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Inside Sim Racing – Logitech G27 Total Spanish Simulator Brake Mod Review.


Inside Sim Racing reviews the Total Spanish Simulator Logitech G27 Brake Mod.
There are many brake mods out there, ranging from simple rubber enhancers up and to fully adjustable hydraulic units.

Shaun and Darin of Inside Sim Racing checked out the Total Spanish Simulator Brake Mod for the widely used Logitech G27 pedals. 
The TSS brake mod is a hydraulic brake pedal mod that will measure the force delivered from your foot using a Load Cell, instead of the mostly used common potentiometer.
Inside Sim Racing also provided a tutorial video for those who want to disassemble their Logitech Pedal Set.

Total Spanish Simulator Logitech G27 Brake Mod:


  • Hydraulic Mod Brake to G25/G27 brake that is fully adjustable.


  • Allows you to adjust the spring rate, and initial force for on and off throttle.
  • Fully adjustable pressure sensor.


  • Tested in  Iracing, Rfactor 1&2, AC, NKPRO, RBR, GTR2, Project Cars, etc….
  • Compatible with the PlayStation 3.


Official Webpage –




  • Carlos Casas

    Hi everyone.

    I have it 4 months ago and now i can’t test another pedals.

    This Mod Brake is awesome. You can adjust it in travel, hardness, initial force and release pedal.

    Maybe is expensive if you compare it with some mods of load cells, springs, etc… But in my opinion, the Brake Mod is in another league….is like compare a street car and GT Car

    This Hydraulic mod only can be compared with the Hydraulic pedals of 600 eur (onwards ).

    It’s not a toy, it’s an hydraulic mod with industrial pressure sensor (highest accuracy and smoothness) with a very good price. (The hose is aeroquip, the spring in iron, al components in aluminium and iron, industrial damper…)

    If you test it, you won’t regret.

    Thanks Shaun and Darin!!!!

  • Wim

    Thanks for sharing Carlos.

  • xisque

    We need one for the t500rs!! :)

  • Carlos Casas

    We hope manufacture one in the future!!!!

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