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Nürburgring GP for rFactor 2
Mianiak has released a preview video showing us the Nürburgring GP circuit project for rFactor2. He started the project in the end of 2012 planning to do a quick conversion of the rF1 track. As often, thing dot a little more complicated and decided to use the original rFactor Nürburgring merely as a base blueprint.So now Mianiak is rebuilding the entire track, that will result in a 99% scratch build project.Read More

Circuit Zolder rFactor 2
wgeuze & Tosh are working on a version of the Belgian Circuit Zolder track for rFactor 2.Work seems to be shaping up nicely. It can be said that even though this project is still an early work in progress, it's starting to look pretty good.Read More

iRacing Mazda Motorsports

Posted On March 13, 2014By WixIn iRacing

Mazda Motorsports teams up with iRacing

At Sebring, iRacing announced a new addition to the their driver development program.The new partnership with Mazda Motorsports will give you the opportunity to win an entree in the annual Mazda Club Racing Shootout.Read More
Game Stock Car 2013 Formula V12
Reiza Studios just announced that they now started Beta testing the Game Stock Car 2013 v1.15 Update.The revealed that the update will contain some exciting new content. One of the cars to be added is the 1995 spec Formula V12 with physics created by Niels Heusinkveld.Read More
DRM Revival Mod

Posted On March 12, 2014By WixIn Rfactor

6e66o races the DRM Revival Mod

Long time Sim Racer 6e66o is a Simbin employe, but still loves his passion for racing classic cars in rFactor. So now and then he gets behind the wheel and has a blast in rFactor' greatest mods.This time the DRM Revival Mod by The DRM Modding Team.Read More
Inside Sim Racing First look at Assetto Corsa
Inside Sim Racing introduces new-found friend Jason Dunnington, who is co-hosting the new ISRTV episode.In this episode Darin and Jason have an in-depth look at Assetto Corsa Build 0.7.1.Read More
Gran Turismo 6 Triple Monitor
Polyphony Digital released software update 1.05 for Gran Turismo 6.While the update does not contain new content, the added multi-monitor support feature for Gran Turismo 6, will without a doubt be a very welcome feature for players with triple-screen setups.Read More
Pagani Huayra
Kunos Simulazioni just about revealed that in next Friday's Assetto Corsa Early Access update, we will have the virtual opportunity to get behind the wheel of the 2013 Pagani Huayra.Read More
MXGP the Motocross game
To help gamers get the most out of MXGP the game, Milestone Studio have released the first two tutorial videos showing you how to master scrubbing and jumping techniques during the flight phase.Read More
Scotty GT
Back in 2010 the Belgian AD-Sport introduced the custom build Scotty GT race car, bringing back the looks of the iconic Porsche 993 GT1 to the GT racing scene.While the car almost disappeared from the Belgian racing scene, it started performing 2014 tests at Circuit Zolder. Read More
iRacing GT3 Challenge
Its weekend, and what could be better to relax then a moody Stabiz Sim Racing video.In this video Stabiz and Blake Townend battle it out in the McLaren MP4-12C GT3 and the RUF RT12 R GT3.Read More
DTM Experience review

Posted On March 9, 2014By WixIn RaceRoom

DTM Experience review by Gamer Muscle

Yesterday we posted a Gamer Muscle video about his first impressions of DTM Experience by Simbin Studios.Knowing James, a full-blown, somewhat different review could not be far of.Read More