Assetto Corsa Competizione – Console Update V1.8.9.1 Deployed

Assetto Corsa Competizione - Console Update V1.8.9.1 Deployed
Assetto Corsa Competizione - Console Update V1.8.9.1

Kunos Simulazioni and 505 Games have deployed a new update for the Console versions of Assetto Corsa Competizione. Patch V1.8.9.1 is available on both the Xbox Series X|S and PS5 platforms and is including a number of general and platform-specific fixes.

Changelog V1.8.9.1

General Fixes

• Camera – Using both the “look left” and “look right” inputs at the same time to look backward leaves the camera in that position even after releasing the buttons.
• Championship/Career – Mid-Session saves cannot be resumed.
• Commands lock panel appearing when the race is over.
• Controls become unresponsive a few seconds after joining and then leaving a private lobby.
• Default steering wheel presets not showing up.
• Impossible to interact with popups in case they appear while looking at Replays/Highlights.
• Multiple debug strings are displayed in private lobbies.
• Multiple qualifying sessions are not applied in Private Lobbies.
• The user is disconnected via timeout after 2 minutes and 10 seconds of waiting to join a CP server session.
• Dynamic Weather and track status stay on “no” and “optimum” respectively even with other options selected.
• Navigation via the left thumbstick still working when trying to change a key-bind.
• Exiting a replay or loading a save mid-session freezes the display for a few seconds.
• Setup Date and Time is always the same.
• Some assets are erroneously visible while in spectator mode on multiplayer servers.
• The Player’s engine sound clips out at low RPMs in the Single Player mode.
• User can join a CP session by selecting Please Refresh.
• On Circuit Paul Ricard, the ideal line flashes too early telling the user to slow down at the wrong time.
• The rain VFX overlays the rear-view screen when the user uses an exterior camera angle.

PS5 specific fixes

• Application crashes or becomes unresponsive when attempting to exit the matchmaking options in Multiplayer.
• Audio issues dropouts.
• Counting of Points in Career Mode messed up.
• In a private lobby, any custom cars selected by another user will be improperly displayed.
• Saving setups with a wheel connected.
• The car rear edges are being left behind.
• Unable to cycle through dashboards on cars.
• Yellow flag pitlane glitch.

Xbox specific fixes

• The title crashes in sessions following a resumption from Sleep/Suspended due to missing car setup data.
• Italian – Incorrect LOC text for ‘Light Indicators’ in HUD options.
• CP sessions at Imola are inaccessible despite the 2020 GT DLC being installed.
• In the Private Lobby setup, the Weather and Track Conditions menu displays as Single Player and the Starting Track Conditions submenu is missing.
• Occasional missing cursor focus on CONTINUE on results screens of Championship races.
• Title does not notify the player of DLC dependency when having started a Championship with DLC content.
• Application does not accept input from the active controller when an additional user signs in.
• The user is required to terminate and re-launch the title in order to be able to use any DLC content.
• The title enters an indefinite partially unresponsive state after resuming from connected standby, Quick Resume, or a suspended state during a Private Multiplayer game session.
• The title provides access to the previous user’s Career save data following an Xbox profile change.
• Returning to the game while it was in a suspended state removes all FFB from the steering wheel.
• Adjust text for ‘Not Connected’ message when players try to join in progress sessions after Qualifying.

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