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This Week Inside Sim Racing – Mid January 2014.

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Darin of Inside Sim Racing presents the first TWISR of the year. In this episode he discusses various topics starting of with Assetto Corsa.  Further more a little info on the iRacing Road Warrior, Rig of the Month, the new bloggers on ISR and last but not least, a goodbye to Shaun Cole who left the show after six years.

Bsim wishes Shaun all the best, and hope to see him pop up somewhere in the sim community.


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  • Andy K

    After a long time together doing these shows, I’m sure it’s going to feel very different and tough for a while for Darin…. Good luck with everything to you both as you start your separate ventures

  • Big Ron

    Seems to be that Shaun has some personal things to sort. Bit sad, at all because he left Darin without goodbye, but I like Darin and wish him good luck for his show and the future. Maybe he will get somebody on his side soon.

  • Sam Sturino

    Very sad indeed, I enjoyed Shaun’s perspective on racing sims and his know how on DIY pods… going to be missed.

  • melanieuk1

    Sad indeed, it’s a good job we have sites like Bsimracing, VirtualR & Race Department
    The newer shows wasn’t as good as the shows they produced 4 years ago when they covered rfactor & community mods.

  • Chris

    Dang this is sad, been watching you guys for so long I can’t imagine it without Shaun! I have to say though, I would like to see Darin add somebody to the show, what happened to that girl they introduced as the girl Stig?

  • Chris

    For what it’s worth, I would love to see them focus more on the PC stuff, mods, etc. While Forza may be realistic and great etc, I think alot of us have enough invested in PC and not enough time to do both (PC and console), so I kind of watch them but it would never persuade me to go blow $500 on one. I like the reviews of equipment, wheels, pedals, large tv stands (trying to find setup for three 42″ TV’s…impossible!), DIY triple monitor stand would be great, shifters. Maybe something on where Oculus rift stands on the current sims, and a review of how that is etc.

  • Simstar
  • melanieuk1

    Excuse my Language, reading that reddit post, looks like a shit storm ( for want of a better term ) brewing, like everything in life, as one goes another appears, no one really knows why he left, one can only speculate and then move on.

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